Susan Boyle Is Relieved to have Answers About Her New Diagnosis

We haven't heard from Susan Boyle in a while, so this new news is welcome on a couple of different levels: Susan Boyle's revealed she's been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome. It means that on a purely selfish level we get Boyle and her talent back in the rotation of public acknowledgment, and on a much bigger and more important level it seems to be a huge relief to Boyle to finally have a word to put to something she's been experiencing her entire life.

For Boyle, the diagnosis came about a year ago. She's lived her whole life believing what the doctors told her about herself — that she'd obtained brain damage from oxygen deprivation at birth. This new diagnosis, she told the Observer, feels much more like the truth:

It is a powerful thing to discover the description that truly fits with something you've felt for a long time but have never had the proper word for, so we're feeling all kinds of fluffy in the light of the Britain's Got Talent phenom's bit of self-discovery.

Good for you, Susan Boyle. Keep on keeping on.