22 Shirts Brunch Lovers Need In Their Lives

Brunch is arguably the best meal of week... wait, no, the best meal of the day (if you're having brunch every day, you are doing life right, my friend). It's so great that it deserves its own brunch shirt spot in your closet that lets the world know how you feel. It's not even just about the fact that you don't have to get up at the crack of dawn to enjoy it (unlike breakfast, which typically stops being served by 10 a.m.). It's also not even about the quality time spent with friends, significant others, and/or family members, when you can either relax with a coffee or get a little crazy with bottomless drinks (although this is a very important part of brunch).

It's mainly about the food. It's almost a fact that breakfast food is the best kind of food, but with brunch, you get to combine pancakes and eggs with lunch staples like burgers and fries. In terms of meals, it's hard to get better than that. Brunch is the time when it's totally acceptable to eat a plate of French toast as an appetizer before moving on to lobster guacamole or something equally delicious. It's also one of the only times people probably won't judge you for getting wasted before noon.

I am clearly a huge fan of brunch. And if you are too, then you need to seriously consider purchasing at least one of these clothing items. Show off your passion to everyone who walks by, and get a lot of compliments, you little fashionista, you. Did I mention these would make perfect Instagram #ootd pictures? Here are 22 brunch shirts you need in your life.

1. Brunch Is A Religion Shirt

I Attend Brunch Every Sunday Dolmain Tee, $32, Amazon

Hey, spiritually is different for everyone.

2. Buy Me Brunch Or Else Shirt

Skull Tank, $28, Consider: Buy Me Brunch T-Shirt, $32, Amazon

It's brunch or die, guys.

3. Viva Brunch Shirt

Viva La Bunch! Boyfriend Tee, $25, Amazon

Long live the best meal ever! How comfy does this look?

4. Brunch Before Everything Tee

But First, Brunch Tee, $15, Amazon

Brunch takes priority.

5. Brunch Drinks Shirt

Bloody Mary Shirt , $17, Amazon

Clearly the most important part of brunch is this question.

6. Brunch Makes For A Better Rap Song

Brunch So Hard Tee, $28, Etsy

These lyrics seem much better, no?

7. Brunch Over Boys Shirt

Southward Apparel Brunch Over Boys Tank, $59, The Rage

Who needs dating when you could have brunch?

8. Turn Down For What? Shirt

Because why not?

Turn Down For Brunch, $20, Look Human

9. Who Loves Brunch?

Bitches Love Brunch Tee, $29, Skreened

So #basic, but who even cares?

10. Fancy French Brunch Tee

Reason Oversized Boyfriend T-Shirt, $12, ASOS

How do you say brunch in French?

11. Money Pouch

Brunch Money Pouch, $16, Gypsy Warrior

It's not a T-shirt, but it's clearly very important.

12. The Most Important Part Of Brunch

Brunch and Mimosas Tee, $30, Tees In The Trap

Yeah, the food is good, but have you heard about the endless mimosas?

13. Loving Brunch Shirt

Free Your Heart Tee, $44, The Rage

Simple and straight-forward.

14. Pajama Tee

ASOS Boozy Brunches Pajama Oversized Tee, $16, ASOS

This is too cute to only be pajamas. Pair it with leggings this fall.

15. Brunch + Mean Girls Shirt

Brunch Muscle Tee, $16, Gypsy Warrior

The 2015 version of the perfect movie quote.

16. Brunch Varsity Tee

Topshop Brunch Club Long Tee, $38, Nordstrom

Tell me this isn't the cutest thing.

17. Brunch Socks

Brunch Sock, $3, Urban Outfitters

Make a smaller statement with socks instead of a tee. Or wear both at the same time.

18. Brunch Is My Middle Name Tee

Brunch Is My Middle Name Shirt, $24, Etsy

Accurate statement.

19. A Simple Statement Tank

Brunch Tank, $23, Etsy

Sometimes one word just says it all.

20. Need Brunch Now Tank

Team Brunch Top, $12, Modcloth

Will do basically anything for brunch.

21. Spirit Animal Tee

Brunch Is My Spirit Animal, $10, Etsy

It just speaks to some of us.

22. The Perfect Sunday Tee

Coffee Brunch Nap, $15, Etsy

What your weekend mornings should look like.