GOP Politicians Respond To Donald Trump's Comments About Megyn Kelly & It's Looking Bad For The Donald

But for a few holdouts, the 2016 GOP bunch has been pretty unresponsive to Donald Trump's antics. Calling Mexicans rapists? Making fun of John McCain and POWs in general? Resorting to name calling on a debate stage? Meh, that's just Trump being Trump — or at least that's the attitude most of the 2016 Republican cohort has seemingly adopted. This time, however, it seems that the real estate mogul has crossed the line, and GOP politicians are rushing to attack Donald Trump for the Megyn Kelly "blood" comment.

Trump, apparently unable to understand how a woman could ask him tough questions unless she was raging with hormones, told CNN's Don Lemon on Friday that he could see "blood coming out of [Kelly's] wherever" at the GOP debate.

This is far from the first awful thing that Trump has said in his short political career (see above), but all of a sudden, GOP 2016ers are lining up to weigh in. It's understandable why Republicans previously distanced themselves from Trump — he is essentially a walking offensive comment generator, and engaging with him could make it seem that other candidates are giving his off-the-wall remarks undeserved credence.

But we, in the year of our Lord two thousand and fifteen, have reached a point where politicians are chided for insinuating that a woman's menstrual cycle has anything to do with her job performance. Bless us all, it seems that public figures making fun of women for their periods is finally taboo. What's unclear is how Trump will survive in this brave new world.

Carly Fiorina, noted lady-part-haver, was the first GOP candidate to weigh in.

Also concluding that Donald Trump is awful, Fiorina's male colleagues followed suit:

John Kasich took a more diplomatic (read: WEEEEAK) approach;

Meanwhile, George Pataki summed up my thoughts perfectly. I really never thought I would say that:

...and then called other people out for staying silent.

It's nice to see the GOP is finally understanding how problematic Trump really is. Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and Trump's biggest fan, Ted Cruz, have all been mum on the subject. I'll just be waiting here with bated breath until they're forced to break their silence.