These 'Sherlock' Teasers Trigger Two Years' Worth of Incoherent Screaming

"I don't want to know how you faked it, I want to know why." That was about the point that I, as a diehard Sherlock fan, started to have a little bit of an emotional conniption. This was after I'd just casually checked tumblr to see that THE ENTIRE (TUMBLR) WORLD WAS FREAKING OUT. Why? Because there are two new Sherlock trailers. And they show us actual footage of the actual characters and their actual emotional state going into the Season 3 premiere.

"I don't want to know how you faked it, I want to know why." I'm repeating that line again because it's super freaking important and probably the centerpiece to the entire Sherlock/John dynamic in the upcoming episode "The Empty Hearse." Because wouldn't you be a little pissed and a lot confused if you'd spent two years grieving a friend it turned out had really faked the whole thing?

Another really huge thing that we get with this trailer is our first real footage (though still less than we desire) of Amanda Abbington as Mary Morstan, John Watson's new love and so far a near-complete mystery in terms of how the show is going to handle her character's pivotal role in the story. We see our first tidbits of her and John in full-on relationship, and it is all kinds of sweet.

Sherlock himself, meanwhile, seems completely oblivious to the very concept that John may have tried to move on with his life two years after the devastating blow of losing his best friend. "I think I'll surprise John, he says to Mycroft. You know, pop off to Baker Street, jump out of a cake." Mycroft responds that John's moved on with his life, to which Sherlock says, very tellingly, "What life? I've been away."

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This of course led to this:

Which possibly inspired this very true analysis:

Which is true because AGH! MY EMOTIONS!

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Oh and while we're at it have this palate-cleansing shot of sweet Molly and her sweet sweater action.

But really you know how the majority of the Sherlock fandom is reacting right now, and it is this:

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