Harry Potter Or A Young Professor Snape?

If guys can very loudly bemoan the trend of (adorable) pixie cuts on the heads of famous ladies, I am going to have to call for my right to bemoan the very small "trend" — two makes a trend right? — of British men articificially lengthening their hair for period roles. First David Tennant's giant rat-tail of doom, and now Daniel Radcliffe has hair extensions.

In reality these people can do whatever they want with their heads. Both of them have done this specifically for work, too, so we can doubly not complain about it with any real traction. But still, I would be lying if I said my eyes weren't a little shocked and a little amused when I first saw the hair that the now-filming Frankenstein's got going for Daniel Radcliffe.

Asked by Graham Norton who or what was taking up residence on his head, he responded that “It’s a dead persons hair,” which seems...alarming, but can probably be mainly explained by Radcliffe not being all that schooled on hair extensions. “Well I assume the person is dead or someone who’s donated it," he continued.

It's the latter, Daniel. It's the latter. That hair also makes you look like a young Snape, your fictional father would be very upset.

You can watch the video of this all below, although we must warn that the first minute is devoted mainly to some woman and some mediocre cakes.

Image: BBC