Jordin Sparks' "Work From Home" Puts A Steamy Spin On The Career-Oriented Phrase — LISTEN

Can't wait until Jordin Sparks releases her new album on Aug. 21? Luckily, the singer, who is one of the most successful American Idol contestants, just dropped a new song and you can listen to it right now! In the track, Sparks and B.o.B. give a new meaning to "Work From Home." That's right: The duo is straight-up sultry in the slow jam.

Of course, we all know the term "work from home" in reference to doing your 9-to-5 from a remote location. However, Sparks spins the phrase on its head, applying it to her love life. "‘Work From Home’ is about when you are excited about a relationship,” she told Just Jared. “And how when that particular person comes home, you wanna do whatever you can to make that person happy and comfortable because that makes you happy.”

From the first verse, it's clear that she misses her man when he's gone during the day. "Tell me why one day seems so long? / When you're gone, ain't no sun / No waves in the ocean," she sings. However, things take a steamy turn in the evenings. "Boy, when I get home, I'ma work hard / Cause you work hard, like I do," Sparks croons. "I'ma work hard when I get home / Cause I work hard on you."

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In case there's any question about what exactly Sparks means by working from home, B.o.B.'s verse helps clear things up. "Padded headboard / Toes on the ceiling like it was a dance floor," he raps. Of course, as he points out, the couple's hard work pays off for both of them: "You get yours and I get mine's / So either way, it's a win win / Sport two points for the whole team."

Not exactly what you'd thought of when you heard the title, right? "Work From Home" is featured on Sparks' new album, Right Here Right Now, which drops on Aug. 21 — be sure to check it out.