10 DIY Holiday Decor Ideas for the Poor and Creative

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There is a certain allure to a department store holiday décor setup — but the seamless finesse (and cost!) of store-bought trimmings can often lack the coziness that the holidays are all about. As we pull out our rolling pins and cookie tins to prepare our homemade holiday treats this December, let’s let that spirit of DIY buoy us into The Craft Zone. Here we have chalkboard advent calendars, living succulent wreaths, and a handful of whimsical holiday garland ideas. We even have a hula wreath hack. And if a snowy winter window is what you’re dreaming of this year, we can help you out there as well — regardless of your local weather forecast. So go ahead and plug in your hot glue gun, and let’s get started. Keep reading for 10 of the best holiday décor ideas for the poor and creative.

Image: Freutcake

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