Benedict Cumberbatch Tells Fans To Stop Taking Photos & Other Lessons In Theater Etiquette From The Star

Not cool, Cumberbatch fans. Supreme Leader and Hamlet star Benedict Cumberbatch is mad at you, and for good reason. Cinemablend reports that after a performance of the show on Saturday night, Cumberbatch left his London theater looking "annoyed" before taking a moment to air a personal grievance with his fans. Turns out, Cumberbatch's fans were taking videos during the show, and he felt the need to take a moment to let them know he was disappointed in their lack of theater etiquette and consideration for other theater patrons.

According to E!, Cumberbatch addressed fans and "everyone filming me" gathered outside the stage door: "I don't use social media and I'd really appreciate it if you did tweet, blog, hashtag the sh*t out of this one for me. I don't mind this, this is part of it, photographs, whatever, outside — fine. [Inside] I can see cameras, I can see red lights in the auditorium. And it may not be any of you here that did that but it's blindingly obvious[...]It's mortifying. I don't want that to happen," he said.

It's not the first bit of trouble for the London production of Hamlet; according to The Hollywood Reporter, Hamlet opened amid outrage aimed at British newspapers for reportedly publishing early reviews of the show before the official press day. The Cumberbatch-starring show reportedly garnered mixed reviews, with The Times' critic Kate Maltby calling it " Hamlet for kids raised on Moulin Roug e" further angering theater-industry professionals considering that it was one of the reviews that had been prematurely released.

Yet with this latest problem facing the production, Cumberbatch isn't letting anything slide. He's clearly not okay with his fans displaying uncouth behavior inside the theater, so if you should ever find yourself watching a performance with The Batch, make sure to remember his rules of theater etiquette.

No Talking

There is to be silence in the theater at all times.

Not Even A Whisper


No Giggling


No Texting

That's just rude.

No Yawning


Absolutely No Tweeting

Don't even try.

No Crinkley Candy Wrappers

Unwrap before the show, if you must.

No Pictures

Nope. None. Zero. This is a big one.

Never, Ever, EVER Any Video Recording Of Any Kind

It's the ultimate sin against theater etiquette (and union rules). So without further ado:

Go forth, Cumberb*tches

(But enjoy responsibly, away from your phone, or else face the wrath of Cumberbatch himself.)

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