Gigi Hadid Explains To Derek Blasberg How She's Related to Bestie Kendall Jenner, And It's Actually Kind Of Legit

You know what they say—"Friends are the family you choose"—and such is the case for model bffs Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. Little did you know that Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are related, at least by marriage? In an interview with Derek Blasberg for Vanity Fair, Gigi explains the long linkage between her two families, and how the two inseparable besties are semi-related—and no, it's not just because they're two of the most popular models right now.

In a series called "Conversations in the Backseat," Derek Blasberg interviews Gigi in, you guessed it, the backseat of a car. He starts by saying how last season, when he was in Paris with Kendall Jenner, she tried to explain how she and Gigi were related. He asks Gigi to explain to him once more, and she breaks it down for us.

"It's funny because since we're best friends, we just want to be related. You know when in high school, or middle school, like you want your best friend to marry your sibling so you have the same last name? Well that just happened with me and Kendall, but we didn't have to ask. It's this, my mom married David, who was married to Linda Jenner, who is Bruce Jenner's ex wife...that's how we're related."

Did you get all that? "So we're related through divorced marriages." Blasberg comments and says, "You're ex step sisters?" and she responds with, "I don't know, we're best friends." That's probably the easiest way to put it, Gigi! Interesting to find out that their two families actually do have a connection beyond being well-known families in California. Either way, I know we'll be seeing more of this dynamic duo, going on adventures in their impeccably-styled outfits and giving us some serious squad envy.

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Images: @gigihadid/Instagram, Youtube