Video Of Ferguson Protest Shooting Shows The Terrifying Moment When Shots Are Fired & Locals Run For Their Lives — VIDEO

The one-year anniversary of the killing of unarmed black teen Michael Brown by a white police officer appeared to bring renewed outrage in the community of Ferguson, Missouri. Peaceful protests began late Saturday night, according to CNN, but turned violent late Sunday evening, after a shooting took place on West Florissant Avenue. The sounds of gunshots and the sense of terror in the community have been vividly captured via videos posted on YouTube and Twitter. One video of the Ferguson protest shooting was posted on YouTube by Russia Today, a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios.

There were reports of two separate shootings, though the number and extent of any injuries are unclear. On Twitter, pictures surfaced showing police in riot gear and cars with bullet holes. Authorities said that an officer allegedly came under heavy gunfire and was forced to return fire.

In the video uploaded by RT, you can hear the sound of gunshots as well as screaming in a chaotic scene in the parking lot outside a small shop. The video captures handfuls of people taking cover behind automobiles, fleeing from the scene on foot, and scrambling into cars and driving away. You can view it below.

RT on YouTube

Another video has been posted on Twitter by CNN's Sara Sidner. It shows an interview with interim Police Chief Andre Anderson that is interrupted by the sounds of nearby gunfire and peoples' screams. The video then focuses on crowds of people running through streets in the dark, screaming.

While neither of these videos manage to catch the shooter or shooters responsible for the gunfire, they certainly capture the present chaotic state of the Ferguson community on the one-year anniversary of Brown's death. Sounds of gunfire and screams can overwhelmingly be heard in both videos, as peaceful protests take a tragic turn for the worst.