7 Ugly Sweaters You'll Want to Wear Even After the Party

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Fact: Ugly sweater parties aren't just a thing anymore — they're pretty much a mainstay on the holiday festivities circuit. And if you don't already have an "ugly" sweater in your closet, then some interesting shopping choices await.

You could go the secondhand store route, where tacky, glue-gunned reindeer cardigans hang in the wings, but even at a majorly discounted price, will you wear it again? Chances are unlikely, at least until next December rolls around. Instead, why not invest in a sweater that's perfectly cheeky, quirky, and offbeat, and most importantly, one that you'll want to reach for after the party's over?

Herein find seven kinds of ugly(ish) sweaters that will outlast the Christmas party scene.

Image: 54115831@N07/flickr

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