12 Tote Bags Perfect For Back To School

Sometimes back-to-school means sacrificing your style for more practical and dress-code-appropriate options. But thankfully there aren't usually rules and regulations about what you can use to carry your books. So if backpacks just aren't your thing, there are plenty of cute tote bags to, well, tote your stuff. Sure, there are still cute backpack options if you just prefer that form and the support offered by two shoulder straps. But if your style is suffering, the vast amount of options provided by totes make this classic bag shape the way to go.

Unfortunately though, tote bags are not the best for your back and neck. So if you have a heavy load, you may still want to opt for a backpack, which can more evenly distribute weight across your body. Still want to use a tote bag? To prevent future health problems, Chiropractor Isis M. Medina told O Magazine, make sure to never carry more than 15 percent of your body weight (although 10 percent is the ideal max), keep heavier objects at the bottom of the bag, evenly distribute the weight of your objects, and hold your bag close to your body as you walk. But enough lecturing; here are 12 tote bags for every style that will actually have you excited to start carrying around books again.

1. Classic

Cuyana Classic Leather Tote, $175, Cuyana

This soft-leather tote comes in a variety of colors and can even be monogrammed for a touch of personalization.

Madewell The Zip Transport Tote $188, Madewell

A crossbody option and zip-top make this leather tote both versatile and secure.

H&M Shopper, $25, H&M

Hidden magnetic closures will keep everything contained in this chic, vegan-leather tote.

Longchamp Large Le Pilage Tote, $145, Nordstrom

This waterproof, nylon tote can be folded for easy storage between semesters (not that you'd want to stop using it anyway).

Women Reversible Tote Handbag with Accessories Bag, $45, Target

It's always nice to have options. This vegan leather tote is reversible for days when you just want a color change.


Free People Sun Valley Tote, $48, Free People

The faded print on this canvas tote is very boho-chic.

'But First, Coffee' Tote, $12, Nordstrom

A canvas tote that knows your heart and priorities.

Kate Spade Cat's Meow Small Harmony Paw Tote, $298, Nordstrom

Here's a leather tote that any cat or dog lover will understand.

Premium Leather Tassel Tote, $45, Top Shop

Because fringe is always a good idea.

Skagen Print Canvas Tote, $155, Nordstrom

How cute is that stylized-leaf design?

Big Buddha Beaded Tote, $90, Nordstrom

An eclectic, textile tote will spice up any outfit and perk up any day.

Nordstrom at Home Ice Pops Tote Bag, $24, Nordstrom

The prints on this bag are too cute. Just be ready to crave ice cream 24/7.

Happy toting!

Images: Courtesy of Brands