Nick Is Totally Kendall's Type

by Nicole Pomarico

There might have been a bit of a mixed reaction about the news that Kendall Jenner and Nick Jonas are dating from their fans, but I'm kind of thrilled they're together. OK, so they may not have officially confirmed the reports yet, but it seems like it's happening, and the former Jonas Brothers obsessive inside me is jumping up and down. Jonas is precious, Jenner is gorgeous, and if they get married and live happily ever after like I hope they're going to, they are going to have the most beautiful babies in the world. Sorry. I'm getting a little ahead of myself, especially since it seems like their relationship is just beginning. And even though their pairing might have been a little surprising initially, we should have predicted this would happen years ago. Why? Jonas is totally Jenner's type, especially when you consider the fact that Jonas is just like her former boyfriends.

And although Jenner hasn't had many high profile relationships (except that one time she dated Harry Styles), her dating history is populated by guys that Jonas definitely has plenty in common with, so aside from the fact that Jonas is a total catch in his own right, it's not a total shocker that she'd be interested in him.

Don't believe me? I'll prove it.

Harry Styles

For anyone who loved the Jonas Brothers as a teenager (and beyond), it's obvious that One Direction is just Jonas 2.0 — and that makes Styles the new Nick Jonas. Both guys have dark, curly hair and a more introverted, stoic personality, so it's not surprising that Jenner went for Jonas if she was with Styles.

Julian Brooks

Back in 2013, it looked like Jenner and Brooks were pretty close. Brooks was a super affectionate boyfriend (by the looks of the Instagram photos he shared of the two of them together, anyway) and also super muscly, since at the time he played football for the University of Nevada. I can see this relationship being similar to one Jenner would have with Jonas, and the muscles are there too. And clearly, that's what really counts.

Lewis Hamilton

As recently as June, Jenner and Hamilton were seen hanging out together... mostly with Jonas' brother, Joe. If they did, in fact, date, and Hamilton gets along with Joe, he'd obviously get along with Nick, which means that their personalities are probably compatible. And this seems like a stretch, but I'm willing to bet that kind of personality is exactly what Jenner goes for.

Justin Bieber

Jenner and Bieber's relationship was always a rumor but never confirmed — even though the Instagram photos basically spoke for themselves. Bieber and Jonas aren't alike in many ways, since Bieber is far more of a bad boy while Jonas has never seen the inside of a jail cell. They're similar in one undeniable way, though: musical talent. If Jenner's looking for guys who can sing her to sleep (or, even better, write gloriously adorable songs about her), she's picking the right ones.

I need Jenner and Jonas to confirm their relationship soon... preferably on an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. It would be amazing.