Why 'Big Brother' Jury House Should Get A Spin-Off

Can’t get enough Big Brother this summer? Me neither. Three episodes a week — while indulgent by broadcast standards — is not enough for me. Sure, I can watch the live feeds all day and night if I wanted to, but there is something nice about having the week’s events curated for me into one little edited hour. Which is why I think CBS should have a Jury House spin-off. Can you imagine it? Once a week, we get a round-up of what the evicted houseguests are doing as they wait for the season finale. We’d see them interact, talk smack about other players, and, of course, create a whole heap of drama. It would be amazing!

Just think of it. Everything that you love about the Big Brother house would be in the Jury House spin-off. I mean, sure, not nearly as much gameplay, but there would still be some. There would still be houseguests gunning for the remaining houseguests. There would still be people trying to manipulate and convince each other to vote for one person over the other. Plus there would be the added bonus of seeing the houseguests react to who is evicted, how the players are playing the game back at the house, and everything they are missing out on. It would like The Couch but with people they actually know.

Who doesn’t want to see some of the more memorable houseguests watching and reacting to the weekly round-up DVD? Because, although the Jury House members are kept out of touch with the house and the outside world, they do get a weekly clip of the competitions that are happening in the house. Please tell me I’m not the only one who seriously wants to see that go down?

Plus there’s that whole showmance thing we’re totally missing out on by not being able to watch the Jury House in action. Austin was the first person to point it out this season, when he said that he just wanted to get to jury with Liz. Why? So that they could mack attack in private. Can you imagine if the Jury House became its own show and we could see that stuff go down? There would be no more game to play, so the houseguests could just go wild. We’d see how far Liz and Austin get, whether or not John makes a move on Becky, and if Shelli hooks up with anyone else. How incredible would that be?

So, seriously. Let’s start a petition and get this thing happening. Bring the Jury House on broadcast television, please!

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Image: CBS (2)