How Do YouTubers Make Money? A Pro YouTuber Explains Just How The Whole System Works — VIDEO

If you've ever wondered how YouTube video makers get paid, you're in luck. A pro YouTuber, Mah-Dry-Bread, put out a video that details everything you could possibly need to know about getting paid on YouTube. It turns out there's a lot going on behind the scenes. YouTubers typically work from home, and some make their entire livelihood producing content. While that's the dream for many people, it's also a challenging, often unsteady way to make a living. There are several specific nuances that you need to know about earning money on YouTube, and Mah-Dry-Bread goes through them all in depth to make sure you’re avoiding scams.

As someone who makes a living writing freelance, I understand at least one of the issues the video outlines: Often, when you make content for a living, people assume you’re not supporting yourself. That’s wildly untrue. Salaries around the Internet vary widely (Some people are paid much more per article than other writers, and similarly, some YouTubers are making a killing while others aren’t), but that doesn't mean content creators don't have "real" jobs.

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If you’re starting a career on YouTube, or have taken an interest in building up your brand on the site, these are crucial points for anyone looking to build enough of a following to make money. Here's everything you need to know about making money on YouTube:

The Three Best Ways To Get Paid By YouTube:

1. Put Ads At The Beginning Of Your Videos

Users will probably watch at least 30 seconds of your video. As long as they aren't using AdBlock, this will make you money. YouTube tallies up the revenue they make from ads (before the video and banner ads), and then splits that profit with you. Thirty seconds of the video doesn't make you any money, but 30 seconds of a preroll advertisement will.

2. Get Your Videos Sponsored

These are usually offered to the bigger channels, but a small channel can get lucky. An advertiser will pay you to make a video about or involving their product. You're required by law to say that the video is an ad in the description, but it will make you a lot more money than you will off normal ads.

3. Use Patreon

Patreon lets content creators receive donations from fans, and offer the fans rewards in return. The site takes 10 percent of the donations, and the creator gets the rest. Most YouTubers make more through Patreon than they do from their paychecks.

How Much You Get Paid Depends On:

1. How Many Views You Get Per Video And How Many Subscribers You Have

1,000 views gets you about $1.50 of revenue.

2. How Many Of Your Viewers Use AdBlock

YouTubers often intentionally make their videos friendly to children because kids are less likely to use AdBlock.

3. How Many Sponsored Videos You Make

This first depends on how much the client is paying. The example figure used in the video is $600. But some advertisers will also pay a fee based on how many people click through to their website, or simply how many people watched the video.

What You Need To Start Getting Paid:

1. About 1,000 Subscribers

So, you need to set a tone, find a direction, and carry it out to make sure your channel gets traction.

2. Be Aware Of Shady Companies

If you're approached for a partnership, make sure there is no lock-in clause. Companies are constantly trying to steal money from YouTubers.

3. A Patreon Account

This is vital, because YouTube is an unstable way to make money. With Patreon, you give your viewers the option to help you. According to the video, many YouTubers feel weird about making money this way, but Mah-Dry-Bread reminds you that you're putting out free art, and people deserve to have the opportunity to pay for it.

For every other tip you could possibly need, watch the full video:

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