Amy Schumer's HBO Special Will Likely Feature These 7 Things, Because The Comedy Queen Is Just Getting Started — VIDEO

Amy Schumer proved to me long ago that she is a woman after my own heart. From her unapologetic views on sexuality to her fierce tactics against body shaming, Schumer is a fearless comedian who is just getting started. This summer, Schumer starred in the smash hit Trainwreck as Amy, the magazine writer who doesn't quite have it all together. Though we have to wait until next spring for the new season of Schumer's sketch comedy series, Inside Amy Schumer, the badass gal comedian has finally snagged her own HBO standup special, Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo directed by Chris Rock.

If you don't know much about comedy, it's extremely difficult to do a standup special. You have to know how to hit the jokes just right using the appropriate tone in order to elicit an epic response from your audience. They certainly don't give HBO standup specials to just anyone. Despite all of her success, Schumer refuses to be confined to the stage or screen. She has also been a huge advocate against the horrendous gun violence that has continued to plague our nation. Amy Schumer has a voice, and she's not going to stop until she's been heard. This special at the acclaimed Apollo Theater of Harlem, is just solidifying her place in comedy history. Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo will premiere October 17th on HBO. Until then here are seven topics we can expect the comedic queen to discuss during the special.

1. Sex


Amy Schumer has always spoken openly about sex and her personal sex life. Though we live in the 21st century, women still have to endure disgusting slut-shaming. Schumer has combated these sexist remarks and ways of thinking from the beginning of her career. Speaking with GQ , she discussed the fact that talking about sex has made her unappealing to some people. She stated, "Talking about sex — just broaching the subject makes people think of you a certain way." Luckily Schumer takes the things people say about her with a grain of salt.

2. Money


In the teaser trailer for, Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo, Schumer says while peering out at the audience. "This is so great, because I love money." Since we are still striving for equal pay between women and men both in the USA and across the globe, I don't doubt that Schumer will use her platform to voice her opinion about the subject.

3. Dating


Dating isn't easy for anyone, even if you happen to be famous. In the teaser trailer, Schumer talks about shaving her legs only up to a certain point she says, "From here up, I was just a werewolf." She also discussed her dating struggles with GQ sharing the fact that her success has also brought, "A couple of broken relationships. If you look at most female comedians doing well, they're alone."

4. Drinking


In Trainwreck, Schumer's character is a fan of booze and she celebrates it. It seems like Amy does the same thing in real life. In the Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo teaser trailer, Schumer jokes about "tucking herself in" while on the road with wine, weed, and a Ambien.

5. Body Shaming


Schumer has long since been an icon for body positivity. Though she is constantly criticized for her body, she has been adamant about loving her body and not changing it for anyone. She chatted about her infamous sketch "12 Angry Men" from Inside Amy Schumer saying, "It was empowering, to put all those insults about myself out there. I love being in my own skin, and I hope other women start feeling better about themselves and waste less energy being ashamed of their bodies."

6. Being A Woman In A Male-Dominated Industry


It's no secret that some people still don't believe that women are funny. Tough Schumer along with current industry icons like Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Amy Poehler, and Issa Rae are constantly combating the stereotype, the prejudice is still prevalent. In her cover interview with GQ, Schumer talked about her experience as a female comedian saying, "I've opened for male comics for years and see the difference in the treatment. It's the expectation of how a woman is going to be, or should be: Be sweet and likable and apologize for stealing oxygen from the world. Just be a pleasure and service whatever the experience is." I'm certain that Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo will touch on at least one of many times Schumer has surely experienced sexism in her field.

7. General Oversharing


Schumer is a genius because she refuses to conform to what is "polite" or expected of her; especially as a woman. In a recent interview with GQ she said, "I had my annual Pap smear. I got to go back to annual Paps because there's no HPV detectable in my system. We" — she and her gynecologist — "had a lot of laughs." Getting a pap smear is something all ladies go through and I'm sure we all have some interesting tales. Schumer is just willing to talk about it.

Though we have to wait until fall to see Schumer's entire special on HBO. Check out the teaser trailer below.