TSA Agents Hate When You Wear These Things

Walking through the metal detector at the airport's security check is always nerve-racking — especially when it beeps and you realize you just forgot to take off your belt or bracelets. As a result, you're getting an uncomfortable pat down. As much as you don't like that process, know that TSA agents aren't digging it either. In fact, TSA agents hate it when you wear certain things to the airport, according to Who What Wear.

Normally, when you have a flight, you always want to make sure (like, double sure) that your liquids are to the TSA requirements and that everything in your suitcase, carry-on and personal bag are all also TSA-friendly. But I would've never thought to TSA check my airport outfit. Former TSA agent, Kimberley Pruitt told Who What Wear all the airport fashion faux-pas that she has encountered in her five years working as a Los Angeles International Airport security officer.

If we all follow her expert tips, I'm sure we'll not only save so much of our precious time, but we'll also make one of the most dreaded processes that much easier on both us and the TSA agent. Plus, if it means avoiding a pat down, I'm so in.

To avoid those moments, here's a handy list of what to avoid wearing to the airport.

1. Bobby Pins

Having just couple to hold your bangs out of your face shouldn't be a problem, but don't be coming to airport security with the perfect messy bun that required you three scrunchies and a handful of bobby pins. Pruitt said, "If you're looking to maintain your hair and skip the pat down, then I would suggest getting dolled up after screening."

2. Maxi Dresses

Sergi Alexander/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You know how in the 007 and Mission Impossible films, there's always a fancy event where a woman takes out like three guns and two knives that were strapped under her long evening gown and she goes all badass mode? Yeah, I'm pretty sure that isn't the exact reason why the TSA will always pat down people wearing maxi dresses and maxi skirts...but I'm sure the reasoning has to be something close to that.

3. Cartier Love Bracelet

OK, well this one really just applies to all metal jewelry, but the Cartier Love bracelet is probably one of the worst ones to wear according to Pruitt. She told Who What Wear, "The biggest problem item is the Cartier Love bracelet. These bracelets can only be removed with a screwdriver, so they become an issue when going through security."

Curious about other TSA-friendly fashion tips? Heed the following advice from USA Today: Shirts should be well-fitted, not loose, so don't even think about those boho poncho shirts you love. Leave any pants with a lot of metal or studs at home (sorry, moto leather pants). Slip-on shoes are ideal, so invest in a pair of fashionable slip-on loafers or comfy slip-on sneakers. Also, check out the video below for how to dress both comfortably and healthfully for plane travel.

To read the entire interview and see what other items you should not be wearing to the airport, check out the full interview here on Who What Wear.

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