Hilarious Google & Alphabet Memes That Show The Internet Has A Lot Of Opinions On The Corporate Restructuring

On Monday, Google announced that it is now called Alphabet as part of a corporate redesign initiative — and the Google and Alphabet memes are already getting out of hand. What else can you expect when Google, the master of the Internet, drops a (somewhat confusing) announcement like this on a Monday? But there's no need for worry. If you're confused about what Alphabet is, you'll still be able to Google it.

Since Google was founded as a search engine, the company has had its fingers in a lot of pies. It doesn't just dominate web engines, email, and online applications. Google has expanded to cell phones, Internet service, self-driving cars, drones, and more. As you might expect, things got kind of difficult to keep track of.

On Monday, Larry Page, one of Google's co-founders, announced he and Sergey Brin would create Alphabet, which would serve as a parent company taking over all of the business initiatives and house several other companies under its larger umbrella. That means Google will more or less stay completely the same — it just won't be the head company in charge anymore. It will be the largest company in the Alphabet portfolio, however, joining companies like Google X (the self-driving cars) and Fiber, the Internet provider.

It goes without saying the Internet is very concerned with this move. There are already memes being circulated, which showcase the range of reactions people are having to the change.

When Will Google Images Adapt?

And more importantly, will Daniel Radcliffe be involved in the reorganization? Can they hire him to rap "Alphabet Aerobics" at a grand reveal party?

Will The Structure Reflect Sesame Street?

Google has done so much to help the world learn, so it would make sense if it based its new company on Sesame Street. Alphabet's official building should be designed like the children's educational show. After all, the primary colors already fit with Google's design aesthetic.

Will This Have Impact On The Competition?

Is the Internet as we know it going to change?

The New Logo Will Probably Be Awesome.

Google — er, Alphabet — is known for its keen design.

Wait, Why Did They Decide To Do This?

What a way to end a Monday afternoon. Nothing like casually dropping the tech world on its head.

But Seriously, This Sounds Like Sesame Street.

These jokes will probably never get old.

Maybe It Should Reconsider The Name

It's just so much catchier. Also, Alphabet is one of those words most people don't type often, and I've now learned it's deceptively easy to misspell.

What Should Its Nickname Be?

Because Alphabet just doesn't roll off the tongue. Alf? Alph? Alpha? I vote the last one.

You Know, This New Name Reminds Me Of Something...

Apple is not amused. Doesn't Google know they it had the trademark on the letter "A?"