8 "Normal" Things Couples Do At Restaurants

You know it because you've witnessed it or you've been there yourself: couples do weird things. There are habits of happy couples, habits of couples who laugh together, and types of couples you see out on Valentine’s Day (including the clandestine couple from work, the couple that’d rather be having sex, and the couple that’s been married 40 years). But, on an everyday basis in the land called Couplehood, there are things that we’re perfectly capable of doing for ourselves, yet it’s perfectly normal for our significant other to do it for us without thinking twice. Like Superman or Superwoman, they step in to take the fall or help lift us from it. It becomes so natural, sometimes, that their stepping in to do something as simple as dab that chocolate sauce from our chin or sing along to that cheesy song on the radio is NBD.

To single onlookers, these couples may look like odd men and women out, but to fellow couples, their behavior is totally normal (akin to mothers speaking baby-talk to their infants). All this “normalcy” just means we’re super comfortable with the person we’re with, whether we’re in public or not. Here are some of the weird things couples do when they're out to eat, because fixing each other's pants at the dinner table is suddenly fair game.

1. Wipe Off Each Other's Mouths

Yes, someone has to remove that piece of spinach from our teeth. I recommend carrying around toothpicks for your partner if this is often the case.

2. Fix Each Other's Hair (Or Shirt Or Pants)

Yes, someone has to do it — or should.

3. Wipe Off Each Other's Clothes (Even In Hard-To-Reach Places) Without A Second Thought

Tide pens and Shout wipes are great for this, aside from good old club soda.

4. Take Endless Selfies

Then again, everyone seems to take selfies these days, in a couple or not. But you know the ones that couples take. They’re just… different. And all their pics make us want to go bike riding, kayaking, DIY wine-and-painting, on road trips, etc. Or, they have the opposite effect and make us never want to log in to Facebook again.

5. Whisper

Making the waitress or waiter the odd one out.

6. Speak A Different Language

Complete with cooing, shortened phrases, long, wordless glances, and pet names! Again, this can make others a bit uncomfortable, but they’ll understand once they get into a relationship.

7. Burp

OK, I know not all couples do this, but many report that they do once they are 1000 percent comfortable around the other person.

8. Know Exactly What Their Partner Will Order

Like finishing each other's sentences, sometimes you just know what your partner is thinking — from drink order right down to dessert.

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