Derek & Neptune Make The Top 10 On 'So You Think You Can Dance' Thanks To The Twitter Fan Save

Despite their incredible techniques, artistry and performances, four dancers who all deserve a spot in the Top 10 of So You Think You Can Dance Season 12 were sent home on Monday night after the judges were unable to save anyone. Street dancers Yorelis and Ariana and stage dancers Kate and Alexia were sent home while street dancer Neptune and stage dancer Derek made the Top 10 thanks to the Twitter Fan Save. Honestly, it's really quite a shame that so many amazing female dancers had to be sent home, but I think some of them knew it was coming.

Both Ariana and Kate have been regulars in the bottom six dancers, and after Ariana and Alexia's burlesque jazz routine was given bad reviews from the judges, Ariana seemed to know that her time was up. In fact, she didn't even seem all the invested in trying to get the audience at the studio and at home to save her on Twitter. She seemed to be accepting of her fate. Kate also seemed to be surprisingly at peace with her end on the show when the results were announced. But despite their understanding of the results, I'm still a little disappointed at part of the fans' decision. It's not a surprise that the fans decided to save Neptune, but it is a surprise that Derek was given the chance to move on.

Neptune has really stepped up his game over the last few episodes with some incredible routines and incredible moments that showed the dancers' real talents both in technique and performance. His contemporary routine from Monday night with Gaby was incredible, and showed how elegant and moving Neptune could be, especially when dancing with the right partner who could elevate him.

Derek, on the other hand, had a relatively mediocre night as his Hip Hop routine with Megz fell a little flat, despite Megz giving the performance all she had. Derek did improve once he was given the chance to dance his own style during the group routine for Team Stage, but he should be really starting to excel more and more with each new episode in each new style. Plus, Derek missed competition the Monday before due to an injury which means the audience didn't believe that Alexia or Kate proved last week that they should stay in the competition more than Derek. Let's hope he can really start improving or he'll be out of the competition very soon. But Neptune's another story, I see big things for this incredible street dancer.

Images: Screenshot/FOX