Shawn & Kaitlyn Reveal A Lot On Instagram

by Kayla Hawkins

It's always hard to say goodbye to another season of The Bachelorette, but now, the season never has to end, because you can follow everyone from the show on social media. And, looking at Shawn & Kaitlyn's relationship on Instagram will let you know all sorts of things that were never apparent on the show. Between their two accounts, their love for Instagram (and each other) allows them to expose some kind of weird things about their relationship. Because if there's anything that indicates that Shawn and Kaitlyn will be able to stick it out together, it's their similar sense of humor and the similarities in their weirdness. But, isn't that what makes any relationship succeed?

Since the people who join Bachelor and Bachelorette are all pretty young, they all have Instagrams. And, the merging of two Instagrams is just as much of a process as the merging of two lives. Shawn and Kaitlyn are jumping straight from meeting to being engaged, so they've moved straight from strangers on IG to the full relationship confirmation in just the last few weeks. Some couples would be fazed by this, but not Shawn and Kaitlyn — they've happily been sharing the process. Some of it has been funny, some of it super adorable, but all of it has been enlightening.

1. They Love Trends

Looks like on a recent weekend, Shawn tried out the old "IV will cure your hangover" tale, which has become a recent trend. So, they're likely one of those couples who manage to have tried every new thing before you've even read about it yet online.

2. Shawn Is The Exhibitionist Of The Two

If you're going to see one member of this couple half-naked, it's probably Shawn. His abs have a pretty solid representation rate among the few pictures they've accumulated in the past few weeks.

3. Kaitlyn Is Not A Heels Girl

And, not only that, but she's the type to make Shawn give her a little impromptu piggyback ride at the end of the night.

4. They Are Able To Achieve Something I Can't Even Describe

Is this... I can't even comprehend what's going on here. Well, it's impressive and physical in some way. Probably yoga, right? I'm just going to take this as evidence that Kaitlyn and Shawn are a biological match whose bodies fit together perfectly.

5. They Are Still Doing Bathroom Mirror Selfies

Look, couples selfies are hard to do. You have to have long arms, contort them wildly, one person's head always gets cut off... Kaitlyn and Shawn are harkening back to a simpler time. A time where shirtless pics with tile walls in the background were what people wanted to see on Facebook profiles.

6. Shawn's Hair Is Off-Limits

It's the answer about Shawn's hair we've all been waiting for! Turns out it's not just effortlessly that way — he has to carefully style it. And, once it's styled, even his fiancee isn't given the go-ahead to mess it up, so she goes for the beard instead. Interesting solution. Is a beard fun to tousle?

7. They Order Healthy Stuff At Restaurants

Personally, I find that the greatest part of being in a relationship is that all of the pizzas I consume only cost half as much (because you are splitting the bill with your romance person). But, I guess Kaitlyn and Shawn are the types of adults who reason that, on a night out, it's smart to order something filled with protein and raw vegetables, like they are here.

8. But, The Healthy Eating Must Be Shawn's Thing

Ah, interesting — Kaitlyn's very next photo is a pic of her wearing a "fries not guys" sweatshirt with a great big plate of fries and absolutely no guys around. While I don't advocate changing huge parts of yourself for someone else, I can respect Kaitlyn's choice to endure lettuce for one measly night out in the name of the man she loves.

9. Since Day One, They Couldn't Keep Their Hands Off Of One Another

If you see a photo of Shawn and Kaitlyn, especially on Instagram, chances are they're kissing, hugging, or touching in some way. If you want to find out more about Shawn & Kaitlyn, I recommend following them on Instagram. Right now, it's telling the story of a slightly strange couple who are getting used to their new relationship status and are obsessed with each other. Who knows what it will tell next? You can only find out if you follow.