Sofia Vergara Joins 'The Simpsons' As Bart's Teacher, Because She Is A Master Of All Things Comedy

If you, like me, don't believe there is such a thing as hearing too much of Sofia Vergara's voice, then you are going to rejoice at this news. According to TheWrap, Vergara is joining The Simpsons as Bart's new teacher, Mrs. Berrera. This casting comes two years after the tragic passing of Marcia Wallace, who voiced Bart's regular teacher Mrs. Krabappel and even won an Emmy for her vocal performance. This role won't be the first, or probably even the last, time that Vergara does voice acting, especially since loyal viewers will remember hearing her on the likes of Family Guy and the Cleveland Show as well, but it's still exciting news. After all, Mrs. Berrara has already landed herself a character arc that seems like it's going to get a little steamy.

Or not. According to TheWrap, Vergara's character will "catch the eye of Principal Skinner and a suddenly pubescent Bart Simpson." So, basically, she's going to be in a love triangle with a small child and a disciplinarian with a metal butt. Just another day in Springfield, honestly. Executive producer Al Jean is leaving the door open for Vergara's role to extend past a single midseason episode, and I'm already hoping for the sake of Simpsons fans that she becomes a regular. Not just because I want to see Vergara pretty much everywhere, but because we know from the likes of Modern Family and Hot Pursuit that her comedic timing is on fleek, and she could really breathe life into such a long-running franchise.

But don't take my word for it. Here are seven times that Vergara proved that she is one of the most hilarious actresses ever.

1. When Ellen Named Her A Funny Lady

TheEllenShow on YouTube

Come for Vergara's humor, stay for the hunky, shirtless men.

2. When She Read Mean Tweets

Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube

Am I not supposed to be laughing? Because I'm laughing.

3. These Hot Pursuit Bloopers

And just Hot Pursuit in generally, really.

4. Every Moment As Gloria Delgado-Pritchett

Guyism on YouTube

Just saying helicopter in Spanish ("helicóptero") would have been easier to understand than making the noise, Gloria.

5. "The Three Sofias"

TheEllenShow on YouTube

I don't even have anything to say about this. Just watch it.

6. Stripper Injuries

Team Coco on YouTube

Now we know there's an even bigger risk involved when your boyfriend is a stripper, one that has nothing to do with the beautiful women he might fall for instead of you.

7. Lip Flip

As if we needed more reminders that Vergara has this voice acting thing down.

At the end of the day, Vergara has more than proven that she can do both drama and comedy very well, whether she's there in person or just lending her voice to a character. The Simpsons will be lucky to have her on for one episode or for an entire arc, and I'm still hoping that it's the latter.