'Beetlejuice 2' is Happening & Winona Ryder is Ready to Say It Three More Times

It's happening! It's happening! It's happening! (Say it three times!) Monday night on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Winona Ryder discussed her career, aging, and perhaps most excitingly, Winona Ryder confirmed the Beetlejuice sequel that everybody's been gossiping about for months. "There's been talk about a sequel to Beetlejuice: can you confirm or deny it?" Meyers asked, and he sounded excited and clearly emotionally invested in the answer. "I... think I can confirm?" Ryder said. She explained that it has been in the works but "hush-hush" for awhile, but the director Tim Burton himself confirmed it at a press event for his film Big Eyes earlier this year. "If he said it, then I can!" Ryder adds.

Ryder also talked about how moved she is that kids these days know the film, even when there are so many movies out there with crazy CGI and all the 3D special effects they can dream of. Ryder says of Beetlejuice, "There must be something pure about it," that it manages to stand the test of time.

This is huge, guys. Tim Burton's 1988 comedy-fantasy film has been a cult classic since it first premiered. Michael Keaton's turn as the title character is iconic, and has given a lot of people confusing sexual feelings. How can you resist his infectious energy and not want to call out his name more than three times or see him out of his famous striped suit?

Now the big question — other than when it will come out — is what the film will be about. Ryder played a sassy teenage goth in the original film, whose house was haunted by ghosts. In fact, one particularly eccentric ghost named Beetlejuice was trying the hardest to scare them away. An awesome potential plot would involve Ryder's character, Lydia Deetz, all grown up, and moving into a house of her own. To still play up Lydia's nature, an ideal situation would be that she was in the midst of a bidding war with another couple to buy a particular house, and collaborates with Beetlejuice to try to scare the other couple away. How fun would that be?

Hey, Tim Burton, hit me up. I will gladly write the screenplay, or I'll settle for a straight-up story credit. Check out the full interview here, and start getting excited for the return.

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