11 Alternative Plus Size Women With Edgy Style

We have inarguably come a long way when it comes to the world of plus-size fashion, considering how much it has blossomed and thrived in recent years. This means that gals everywhere now have the ability to get experimental, and dress in alternative fashions. The time to properly express ourselves through a love of all things sartorial has arrived.

In my experience, plus-size fashion has never really followed the "norm." Most of us can remember the days when we struggled to simply find clothing that would fit us, let alone stuff that was sexy, fun, and (heaven forbid) expressed our personality and style. We're finally being embraced by the fashion industry, social media, and maybe even the mainstream. Instead of being forced to get creative when it comes to finding apparel that fits, we can now get creative in our personal style.

In the world of fashion, "alternative" generally refers to anything that veers away from mainstream or fast fashion trends. While these looks may be a little too extreme for some (which is cool!), there are others who happen to feel right at home being anything but ordinary. This means colored hair, tattoos, piercings, and/or fashion that's of a more goth, punk, hipster, or urban nature.

I personally happen to love anything and everything to do with funky fashion. So let's have a look at 11 alternative plus-size women who are killing it in their edgy looks.

1. Binky Lastrange

This goth-like beauty is giving me life with her alabaster skin, raven-colored hair, and all her beautiful tattoos and piercings, which compliment her dark style beautifully.

2. Flossy Lox

This gorgeous blogger is an urban/street style queen. Everything she wears just screams confidence.

3. Darling I Know

This woman constantly looks magical with her mermaid-colored hair (and the makeup to match). I'm loving her bright, bold, and sometimes ethereal choices.

4. Fatty Boom Tatty

What happens when you mix pinup style with some alternative flair? This gorgeous woman right here. Also, that hair is perfect. Just saying.

5. Betty Pamper

Betty Pamper is a little pinup, a little rock, and a little rogue (that hair!). The combination results in some pretty rad style.

6. Katana Fatale

Not only does this gal constantly serve us gorgeous face selfies, but she has amazing alternative style that just never quits.

7. Studio Mucci

She's the total embodiment of a magical unicorn in human form.

8. Alyssa Panda Eyes

She's a goth princess 24/7. Looking at Alyssa's photos makes me feel like I've been resurrected from the grave. She is giving me life.

9. Aussie Plus Size Barbie

How pretty is she, though? A total plus-size pinup Barbie. J'adore.

10. Rainbow Chatman

She's a glamorous unicorn goth who's style is always on point.

11. Hailey Zombie

This pink-haired, punk princess not only has fabulous alternative style (think Lisa Frank meets Goth Punk Barbie), but also works for Valt Models, helping connect the world with other gorgeous alternative babes.

It used to be that us plus-size babes with quirkier style would have to sort through the back corner of one retailer within an 80-mile radius just to find a dress that complemented their style. These women are helping bring alternative plus-size fashion to the mainstream, though, and that's undoubtedly rad.

Images: Courtney Mina