Did Zayn Malik Initiate Breakup With Perrie Edwards? Little Mix Is Spotted With A Sign That Might Explain It All

I don't know about you, but I'm still reeling from Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards ending their engagement. They were so cute together, and I could just see them having adorable, musically talented kids, but that all ended when they decided to break things off earlier this month after four years together. The news was incredibly sad to hear, but was it shocking? Not really. Obviously, Malik is working on his solo career after leaving One Direction and Edwards is part of British girl group Little Mix, so it's no surprise that they decided to go their separate ways — but that doesn't mean I'm not completely eaten up by curiosity about what happened between them. Unfortunately, Edwards and Malik have both remained pretty tight-lipped about the details, but now? We might have a hint about what could possibly have gone wrong. A fan brought a poster reading "Zayn is irrelevant" at a recent Little Mix appearance, and Edwards and her bandmates seemed totally delighted by it.

Apparently, it all went down in Arizona when Little Mix was at a radio station. Fans were waiting outside, and one of them had a sign that said "Zayn is irrelevant anyway" on one side and "Stay strong, Perrie" on the other. It's a sweet sentiment, and one that I'm willing to bet Edwards really appreciated.

Clearly (as seen as the the tweet above) some One Direction fans aren't pleased, but I definitely am. Immature, yes. But this is a fan (probably a teenage one) supporting a pop star, not a court of law. Maturity isn't necessarily required in this situation. And yes, in that picture above, that is Edwards' bandmate, Jade Thirwall, walking away with the sign in hand.

Because yes, it gets even better. According to a since-deleted tweet from a fan who was at the event, Edwards saw the sign and said, "Don't show that, but true," and Thirwall took the sign and chimed in, "F—k Zayn." OUCH. Obviously, this isn't confirmed information, just something that could have happened according to secondhand information, but for a minute, let's pretend this definitely happened.

To some, this is a display of pettiness. To me, this is a massive hint about what might have gone on behind the scenes in Edwards and Malik's breakup. It's obvious that it wasn't mutual or Edwards' decision. Maybe Malik is at fault here. I hate to think he did anything to hurt someone who had been important to him for such a long time, but it's hard to see another scenario happening, especially with the most recent turn of events.

Either way, I'm glad Edwards has her fans (and her bandmates ) supporting her at a time she needs them most. She'll get through this, and if you can imagine it, there is someone even better than Malik in her future just waiting for her. As long as it's not Harry Styles. He's mine.