How To Save Money On Your Next Coat

by Jade Melise Herrin

How many coffees do I have to sacrifice for a good coat? With loads of winter outerwear roundups featuring designer duds popping, it would seem your winter coat should cost a lot if you really want something that works (and looks cool). If you desire spending big, more power to you. But if not, don't worry, there's a life hack for that. Personally, I would prefer to keep my coffee budget in tact to help me through the terrible wintertime, thank you very much.

We all know that some of the most lit styles are going to be the coats that come fresh off the runway, but not everyone has money laying around like that. Am I right? Everyone wants luxury styles that cost a pretty penny, but this season I'm all about being able to afford to eat dinner out and having supreme style. The key is being smart. Every single summer we wait until the last minute to even begin thinking about fall. And because we put the arduous winter out of our minds for so many months, coats aren't even remotely on the radar. But not this year. Here a few life hacks I've discovered for keeping you ahead, and killing the coat game!

1. Thrift Thrift Thrift

Although the song has been driven into the ground, Macklemore was not lying when he sang about having $20 to thrift. Two years ago, I purchased the most perfect Zara overcoat from a thrift store in Brooklyn. It's a timeless piece that I have worn for two seasons (about to be three) and I bought it for $18! It originally retailed at $200. Most thrift stores you can find an amazing coat for less than $100 easily. Check the tag to make sure it's not secretly some flimsy cotton piece, and you'll be golden.

2. Take Your Time

So much of shopping on a budget is about waiting and watching. When you find a style you like or a specific coat you want, it's not necessary to purchase as soon as it hits the rack. Chances are, it will either slowly go on sale, or you can find a similar one somewhere else for cheaper. Just take your time! Last year, my best friend waited until the spring to buy the coat of her dreams for less than half of what it originally went for. Guess what is about to make an appearance this fall: That coat. Keep your eyes open and don't lose heart, girl. Finding a coat is an art form.

3. Own Online Shopping

This isn't for everyone, but if you are savvy at surfing the internet waves, then I'd say go for it. People are always eager to sell their designer label coats because something else may have caught their eye. So, when you have a coat in mind, it might just be waiting for you for way less than you expected. There are also almost always sales at your favorite stores, but more often than not you will find a bigger selection online! It's worth a shot.

4. Rade Zara. Really.

Checked Coat with Lapel, $59, Zara

Honestly, the cheapest, most stylish coats I've seen for affordable prices are at Zara. The style is everything you want and while the fabrics they do a great job of keeping you warm while you look really cool — at least for a season or two. Even now they are selling jackets and coats for under $200.

Long Coat Stripes, $149, Zara

5. Work It In Wool

Howell Coat, $298, Aritzia

The reality is, the warmer the coat and more quality the fabric, the more expensive. So sometimes you just have to save a little extra. But not too much! Wool coats can be super expensive, but it's worth spending a couple hundred dollars for a coat that'll last you more than three months. The truth is that it really just depends on where you look. If you can't swing 100 percent, look for a wool blend at least.

Heritage Check Double Breasted Coat, $160, Topshop

Belted Wool Blend Coat, $50, Topshop

Good luck, my fellow coat seekers!

Images: Giphy (2), Brands