25 Holiday Travel-Friendly Pieces

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Holiday travel is not a blissed-out experience, and when you're lugging a suitcase that weighs more than you, and searching for your gate/train station/highway exit, the last thing on your mind is how you look. We know the TSA is not your friend, and enduring cross-country road trips with the relatives can skew either adorable or interminable depending on the time. But as ever-trendy Kurt reminds us on Glee, "Every moment of your life is an opportunity for fashion."

To that end, eschew wearing your pajamas to the airport like a college kid after finals in favor of something that would make Kurt proud. The key is pairing refined but relaxed separates which come in cozy fabrics. We did a bit of research and found 25 unconventionally cool pieces that look polished but feel as comfortable as that favorite pair of sweatpants.

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