15 Adorable Pics Of Britney Spears & Her Sons That Are Definitive Proof Brit Brit Is Still A Kid At Heart – PHOTOS

Some days, I forget that my ultimate childhood idol, Britney Spears, is a mother. After all, to me she’s still prancing around in pigtails adorned with fluffy hair ties and slaying a dance routine in a red leather jumpsuit. But, alas, she is a mom, and she’s a damn good one at that. Britney Spears and her sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, are nothing short of adorable together ,and it’s clear that the Spears home is one of happiness and fun — and one that shares endless adorable Instagram pictures and other similarly cute family memories. So thank goodness for that.

Unlike a lot of other celebrities who get caught up in the vain, self-absorbed mindset that social media platforms can lend themselves to, Spears’ account is full of snaps of her sons and glimpses into her life. More often than not, her kids make an appearance on her various accounts, because, unlike some of her Hollywood compatriots, Spears is clearly more than happy to share her spotlight with those she loves. Also, her kids up the cuteness factor of her accounts immeasurably and that’s really what matters here. Cute family pictures are so much better than a boring paparazzi repost.

Here are 15 of the cutest photos of Britney Spears with her kids:

1. When They All Wore Matching Aviators

Actual identical triplets.

2. When They Took This Silly Selfie


3. When The New Spears Generation Stole The Show

Mickey Mouse Club: Reloaded?

4. When They Celebrated Halloween With Grandma Lynne Spears

Everyone's festive and fabulous.

5. When She Wasn't A Regular Mom, But A Cool Mom

Come on, you guys. This is too adorable for words.

6. When They Were Just Happy To Hang With Mom

Be still my heart.

7. When They Were Cheesin'

Who isn't happy when there's food around?

8. When Brit May Have Been More Excited For Disneyland Than The Boys

Total kid at heart.

9. When They Got Nostalgic

I have a feeling the boys are blissfully unaware as to how epic this is.

10. When They Took An Airplane Selfie

I'd be similarly stoked if I was going to Hawaii.

11. When B. Spears Looked As Young As Her Son & Her Niece

No. Really.

12. When The Extended Spears Fam Geeked Out Over Skrillex

A family who fan girls/boys together, stays together.

13. When She Got On Their Level

Literally. Also, that caption is A+.

14. When She May Not Have Been In The Shot, But Her "Excitment" Was

Yes, even Britney Spears is an embarrassing mom. In the best way.

15. And Again

So profesh.

Keep the cute coming, Spears.