Kendall Jenner & Nick Jonas Are Really Dating Judging By These 5 Pieces Of Subtle Evidence

I regret to inform you, but while we were all sleeping, Instagramming our weekly #MCMS, and — don't lie —watching Bachelor in Paradise on Monday night, something magical happened: A little event I like to call Joe Jonas' surprise soccer birthday party. Some of his friends got the LA Galaxy soccer team together to hang out with some of Jonas' nearest and dearest, including but not limited to celebs like Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift's super hot brother, Austin, and Bella and Gigi Hadid. And guess who else was there: My new favorite celebrity couple, Kendall Jenner and Nick Jonas. And if you ask me, their attendance at the party can only mean one thing: Proof that Jenner and Jonas are actually dating.

Yup, if you look at this photo (and basically treat it like a Where's Waldo situation) you can see Jonas kneeling down in a gray t-shirt toward the bottom right, and I'm pretty sure Jenner is the one lounging on the ground in the middle, directly below Joe and Gigi Hadid. I can't be too sure, of course, because the lighting in this photo is terrible and I'm starting to see double every time I stop staring at my computer screen.

OK, I'll be real with you: Clearly this photo is proof of nothing other than the fact that Jenner and Jonas were in the same place at the same time. But it could mean that they're together, if you open one eye and squint a little, and that's good enough for me.

Need more almost-but-not-quite evidence of their relationship? It's out there.

They're Both Friends With Gigi Hadid

And reportedly, Hadid is the one who set them up, because like most of us, she probably thought it would be awesome if her BFF was dating her boyfriend's brother. And who could blame them?

People Says It's So

Being that People is probably the most legit celebrity source out there, if they post a story about Jenner and Jonas texting each other, then I'm believing them.

They Both Have Dark Hair

What? It's as good a reason as any. With that DNA combo, their children will be gorgeous.

They Were In The Same Place At The Same Time On Other Days

Because really, why would Hadid and Jonas invite his little brother and a random female friend if they weren't trying to set them up?

In all seriousness, I'm pretty excited about the prospect that these two could be dating, and I'm just waiting for the day they decide to come forward and actually confirm that this thing is happening. Next stop? Jonas on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I want cameras rolling the first time he meets Kris Jenner.

Image: Giphy