Did Shelli & Clay Know Each Other Outside 'BB17'?

Gone but not forgotten. Clay Honeycutt has only been out of the house for a matter of days, but let's be honest, we're still thinking about him. How can we not? Shelli is mourning his eviction like she was Rose who just let go of Jack in the cold, cold water, so, yeah, he's still on our minds. For Shelli, it's clearly a greater loss than for most. She lost her showmance and her closest ally in the house in one night. Her reaction to Clay's eviction almost seems like Shelli and Clay knew each other before joining Big Brother 17 . But is that the case? Did these two know each other outside of the house and hide a relationship for the six weeks they were inside the house? Are they that sly?

The short answer: no. Shelli and Clay's relationship — read: attached at the hip — went from zero to 60 in a few short days. Even though they waited for their fairytale Big Brother kiss, these two exchanged vows like "you are my heart," and "this is the real deal." Most people would think, Whoa... pump the breaks, Clelli. That's probably why it isn't that out of the realm of reason to wonder if these two were dating before the summer started. That, and, Shelli once said, "I didn't want to come into this game without him!" according to Big Brother Twitter fan.

To most, that quote of Shelli's would scream that they knew each other before the game started. But that's actually not the case. Here's how we know that.

She Saw Him At Auditions

Here's why Shelli said what she did. I feel like this is possibly the story that Shelli and Clay might tell their ridiculously good looking children in the future.

Julie Chen Wouldn't Have Kept That Secret

If Julie Chen loves anything, it's a suspensful secret. There's no reason that CBS would keep a twist like this hidden, especially because the season was supposed to be chock-full of twists (what happened to the BB Takeover?).

They Were Constantly Learning About Each Other

Whether it was about Clay's mom or Shelli's brother, these two were constantly sharing things about their lives to the other. I guess it could be strategy, but I'm not willing to give these two that much credit.

So while I love a good conspiracy theory — especially on Big Brother — there's no proof that this would be remotely true. If you're looking for more theories to sink your teeth into, check out Bustle's Big Brother podcast, The Diary Room. You can subscribe on Bustle’s SoundCloud page and iTunes for the most updated episodes each week.

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