Red Coat Is Revealed On 'Pretty Little Liars'

The second biggest mystery in Rosewood, next to "Who is A?" (of course) is Who is Red Coat? We've seen a number of people don the red jacket over the seasons, Ali as Vivian Darkbloom, CeCe, someone in an Ali mask, someone in an Emily mask — you get the idea. But, during the summer finale the Ali mask was finally removed and the true answer revealed: Sara Harvey is Red Coat on Pretty Little Liars.

Before she was revealed to us, Red Coat was even more mysterious than A. Sometimes she was Ali, dressing up as other people to hide or check in on the girls. Sometimes she was CeCe. And, sometimes Red Coat was Sara Harvey, when CeCe was being A and needed a decoy.

When Red Coat was finally revealed to the Liars, Emily rightfully freaked out considering how closely she'd let Sara into her life. But, the truth is Red Coat and CeCe have always been in on things together, messing with the girls, showing up at mysterious places, and wearing hoods and masks.

Now that we know for sure who donned the red jacket, everything fits into place, expect, like, how Sara and CeCe even knew each other in the first place.

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Image: Screengrab/ABC Family