6 Moments 'The Notebook' TV Series Should Include To Do Allie & Noah's Story Justice

Have you been reduced to Kim Kardashian's ugly cry face level of tears lately? Has your face been red and puffy for days after a cinematically-induced cry fest that left you emotionally exhausted and withered? No? Then boy, do I have good news for you. It was announced Tuesday that there might be a The Notebook television series in production at The CW. Between the movie and the book, the CW has a ton of material to work with but I have a few ideas about what The Notebook TV series should include if it comes to fruition.

I am going into this TV series with high hopes but I am still treading with caution. Nicholas Sparks' novel The Notebook had a few differences from the movie adaptation. The things that we experienced in the movie adaptation might be different this time around, perhaps more in line with the book, and so The Notebook as we know it might just morph and change in front of our very eyes.

The statistics for the success of new TV series are pretty grim; 65% all of new television shows will be cancelled. However, I can't imagine a smarter, low risk concept for a television show than one based off of The Notebook. The Notebook already has such a dedicated fanbase and I would bet money that The Notebook TV series is going to do very well for itself. I can just hear all the boyfriends around the world groaning in collective agony as their girlfriends force them to relive the emotional trauma or Noah and Allie's love story all over again on The CW.

The Infamous Boat Scene

Though they will undoubtedly want to make the TV series different than the movie, this is one scene they will surely have to replicate. It’s just not The Notebook without it.

More Background About What Noah & Allie Did When They Were Apart

The movie didn’t go into too much detail here. The movie essentially glosses over this period of time and jumps ahead to the point where Noah and Allie are reunited. Since the TV show will have to make definitive moves to distinguish itself from its predecessor, this is a ripe area for the series to explore that the movie didn’t have time to get into.

More Sex!

The infamous sex scene in The Notebook is a moment that will forever be burned in my brain. It made quite the impression on me and I can’t wait to see not only this scene but more sex scenes between these two lovebirds. Though this is the CW we’re talking about, not HBO, I still believe that television provides a little more freedom than do films with this kind of thing.

More Alzheimer’s Coverage

In The Notebook, we really only get to see elderly Allie when she is in her most deteriorated state. We don’t get to see the heartbreaking process of her gradual decline and how hard that process of mental deterioration must be on her loved ones. The television series could explore this process (and definitely cause the audience some tears along the way).

How Allie & Lon Fell In Love

Though we are predisposed to hate Lon because, hello, he’s not Noah, I think that Lon deserves to make his case. The Notebook TV series could delve into the start of Allie and Lon’s relationship. Allie is clearly a good judge of character and so it’d be nice to have a more nuanced depiction of the other man in Allie’s life.

Bird Metaphors

This one isn’t so much something I want to see out of the series so much as it is an inevitable fact of life. Whether we will get the “if you’re a bird, I’m a bird” speech word for word or if the show gets a bit more creative, I can only imagine there will be no shortage of birds in this show.

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