Maisie Williams Believes in Eye Masks, And Maybe We Should Too

You can never start too young, they say. She's only 18 years old, but Maisie Williams wears eye masks to bed, probably guaranteeing that she will defy gravity and time for all eternity.

Maisie Williams, aka Arya Stark from Game of Thrones, posted to her personal Instagram account a picture of her wearing some very funky looking eye masks while in bed. In a video, she comments, "My eyes look like little vaginas," and she's not entirely off base there. They're pinky and kinda...soft. I guess she had a rough flight (or night). Or maybe she's just being extremely cautious!

I do love eye masks, but usually use them just to rectify a night of vodka shots or binge crying thanks to the romantic comedy section of Netflix. I never considered wearing and eye mask pre-disaster, let alone on the regular. I'm usually slapping them on in total "see ya" mode, but I may be doing it wrong. The skin around your eyes is thinner, which is why they show the signs of stress and aging earlier and easier. If we consistently moisturizer and pamper the skin around our eyes, we'll look younger for longer.

If you want to up your eye mask game, like Maisie, here are a few masks that will treat your eyes right.

1. Rodial Dragon's Blood Eye Masks

Rodial Dragon's Blood Eye Masks, $56 for eight sets,

2. Eyeko Hydrogel Eye Patch

Eyeko hydrogel eye patch, $18 for four sets,

3. Rodan + Fields Redefine Acute Care Skincare

Rodan + Fields redefine acute care skincare for expression lines, $220 for 10 sets,

Et voila, you're one step closer to looking as youthful and adorable as Maisie Williams.

Images: Courtesy of Brands