6 Political Tattoos To Support Your Favorite Candidate, Like The One On This Guy Who Really Wants "Jeb4Prez"

How far would you go to support your favorite candidate? On Tuesday, Jeb Bush fan Vic Berger tweeted a photo collage showing off his new neck ink. He got a "Jeb4Prez" tattoo after his Vine of the candidate got more than 4 million loops. That's dedication. But Berger isn't alone in sporting some presidential tattoos to support a candidate.

On July 24, Berger tweeted his Vine, called "Jeb Bush loves technology," with the message, "If this Vine gets 1,000,000 loops by the end of the weekend, I'll get #Jeb4Prez tattooed on my neck. Please RT." The Vine shows Bush talking about his favorite technology, including the iPhone and Apple Watch. Let's just say, plenty of people retweeted Berger, and plenty of people looped the Vine. His original tweet has more than 1,000 retweets. Shout-outs from Bush's Communications Director Tim Miller and even from Bush himself, who tweeted his support, helped his cause.

Originally, Berger stipulated that the Vine had to reach a million loops in just one weekend, but then, he changed his mind and decided that he would get the tattoo "WHENEVER" he reached his goal. Berger reassured Twitter on Monday that he was "not nervous" to get the tattoo. He then went through with it, posting the photos Tuesday morning:

While the Bush campaign publicly backed his crazy endeavor, Berger said Tuesday he hadn't heard from the Republican since he actually went through with it:

Voters often get passionate about the candidate of their choice, but few take it to the same level as Berger. Let's face it, most of us won't even put a political bumper sticker on our car. Surprisingly, though, Berger is not alone — here's a look at other tattoos with strong presidential fervor, in case you're into that sort of thing.

The Obama Logo Tattoo

President Obama's campaign team was known for coming up with memorable graphics and taglines. Certainly, there was no shortage of passion around Obama's campaign either. This may seem a little extreme, but hey, at least we know he won.

The Romney Logo Tattoo

Unfortunately for the Romney-tattooed, the Republican candidate lost the election in 2012. Then again — once a fan, always a fan, right? I wonder which 47 percent of the country you're in if you get a Romney tattoo?

The Ronald Reagan Portrait Tattoo

Ronald Reagan once said, "We will always remember. We will always be proud." Those with a Reagan tattoo, truly, will always remember.

The Hillary Tattoo

It looks like Bush isn't the only candidate in this election to inspire a tattoo. Bonus points to this guy for getting a photo with the tattoo and the candidate's husband (who also happens to be a former president).

The Presidential Quote Tattoo

Somewhat less political, the quote option seems a safer route, although I guess it depends on the quote. This particular quote comes from President Kennedy.

Will Berger's "Jeb4Prez" tattoo pay off? It's generated a lot of buzz, but we're still waiting for a comment from the candidate himself. Either way, Berger has made his political affiliation permanent — and he's not the only one.