Harry Styles' Idea of a Romantic Date Night With Kendall Jenner Is Taking Her to a Gay Bar

In a move that surely made all the entire One Direction fandom on Tumblr freak out, scream, and throw things (I know how that fandom works, I saw that documentary Crazy About One Direction) Harry Styles reportedly took Kendall Jenner to a gay bar in NYC for their most recent date, fueling rumors that the two are a new item (though, I don't know how anyone is not convinced they're dating after those pictures of Jenner leaving Styles' hotel emerged.) Us Weekly, of course, has the full story:

The same day that the One Direction singer, 19, and model/reality star, 18, were spotting leaving the Ganservoort Hotel in the Meatpacking District together, the pair resurfaced at Therapy with a few other pals, and "didn't make a huge deal about it," the source tells Us. Saturday's theme at Therapy was "Gays Gone Wild," with other bargoers dancing up a storm to pop hits. Alas, Styles, Jenner et al, however, didn't hit the dance floor, the source notes.

Apparently, it's not Styles' first time at Therapy, either — he's frequented the place a few times before, according to the source, and usually goes there for a "fairly low-key" hangout. "Harry has actually been her a few times before... he's just a regular customer when he comes in -- he gets a table and usually drinks beer and cocktail on the side."

According to HollywoodLife, fans shouldn't doubt the couple's relationship — even if it was initially just for show: "It was originally for publicity, but this is a case of hormones winning the fight... Harry likes her," the source explained (sorry, fans who actually thought you had a chance with Harry Styles).

"He is having lots of fun with her and thinks she is cool and hot. And he likes that Kendall is trying really hard to get him for her own exclusive relationship. They could definitely be considered as boyfriend-girlfriend bound."

If you listen closely, you can hear the devastated cries of fangirls across the world as they read this news. It's a tough world, kids — sorry.