What Does Anonymous Think About Police Brutality? The Hactivists Have Been Awfully Vocal Lately

Hacktivist group Anonymous has been incredibly vocal about police brutality following the one-year anniversary of the events that transpired in Ferguson, during which white officer Darren Wilson shot and killed unarmed black teenager Michael Brown. The group's Twitter has been overflowing with tweets and retweets highlighting events to commemorate the anniversary as well as information on pending cases and investigations into police misconduct, including the Christian Taylor case in Arlington, Texas. So, what does Anonymous think about police brutality?

The group is incredibly vocally against police brutality and has been so for years. The issue hits especially close to home, given a recent altercation between police and an Anonymous activist in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, where a man was reportedly shot and killed just outside a public hearing regarding the Site C Dam, a contentious hydroelectric dam project that was approved last month. The fatal shooting has spawned the launch of Operation Anon Down, a movement dedicated to "gaining justice (and vengeance if necessary) for our fallen comrade in Dawson Creek," said Anonymous, adding it "will also memorialize [our] previously slain brethren, and prepare to take action for future Anons killed by police — as we have no doubt they will cut down more of us."

Anonymous frequently uses disparaging language against police officers and says it's committed to doxing — or, releasing sensitive personal information — the cop who shot the activist in British Columbia. In addition to organizing efforts to retaliate against the incident and commemorate Ferguson, Anonymous is also planning a Million Mask March for Nov. 5. The march is meant to raise awareness about pressing issues such as police brutality as well as income inequality and international conflict.

The group has consistently been vocal about issues of inequality, especially when it comes to people of color being treated unfairly by police. Most recently, Anonymous organized a mass protest across the country on last Saturday to express its outrage toward the treatment of Sandra Bland, the woman who was found dead in a Waller County, Texas jail under somewhat suspicious circumstances after being detained during a traffic stop. Sadly, given the many alleged cases of police brutality and misconduct, it appears that such demonstrations show no sign of stopping. According to AnonHQ, African-Americans are twice as likely to die in police brutality-related incidents. Such incidents could total up to 1,100 lives being lost this year alone, a fact that Anonymous will not accept without a fight.