Should You Sleep In A Sports Bra, Or Is Free-Boobing All Night A Better Option?

Bras can be restrictive cages of doom. And even though they can offer much needed support, sometimes they just gotta go (especially when trying to relax). But if you like the security of sleeping in a bra, but maybe don't like all that underwire cutting into you while you catch some Z's, should you sleep in a sports bra instead? The answer is a little complicated.

First of all, there isn't really any scientific evidence that sleeping in a bra of any kind will help your girls defy gravity. That is, if you're looking to keep your breasts from sagging, wearing a bra to bed every night is not the magical solution, Cosmetic surgeon Angelica Kavouni told The Daily Mail. However, if you are looking to just have a more relaxing rest and maybe prevent some stretch marks (especially if your breasts are a 34D or larger), a soft, comfortable bra may help. "Soft, comfortable bra" sounds a lot like a sports bra, eh? And for good reason. If you do choose to sleep in a bra, a sports bra is a much healthier choice than say, an underwire, push-up bra. Linda Becker, a professional bra fitter who owns boutiques in New York, told Huffington Post that "sleeping in a bra with a wire can give you cysts or irritate your breasts." Uh, no thanks.

Of course, a soft-cup bra will work similarly to a sports bra. But don't commit to spending all of your nights in one of these just yet. Just because underwire bras have some risks associated with sleeping in them doesn't mean all soft-shape bras are alternatively risk-free. In the same way that too-tight traditional bras could cause reduced circulation, a sports bra that is too tight could cause similar problems. Furthermore, overheating and sweating could be an issue with a sports bra that is too tight or made from synthetic materials. So if you do choose to sleep in a sports bra, make sure it's a breathable, cotton one.

Keep in mind though, that these risks are not all guaranteed from spending one or two nights in a sports bra. Rather, one would have to wear a bra or sports bra that is too tight and of the wrong material for too long and too often before worrying about these side effects. So if sporting a sports bra to sleep is what keeps you comfortable and happy, no worries! Just make sure that it's breathable and non-constricting. But it still wouldn't hurt to let your girls roam free every once in a while.

Image: Aerie/Instagram