Male Politicians Use Botox Just As Much As Celebs

When you think of plastic surgery, your brain probably jumps more towards celebrities like Kylie Jenner getting lip injections, but would it surprise you to know that politicians are getting in on the plastic surgery action? Specifically, male politicians are getting botox before they appear on TV. All right, so it probably isn't that surprising after all. talked to some Washington D.C. beauticians who revealed that politicians, everyone from presidential candidates to lobbyists, are no stranger to getting plumped and filled before appearing in the public eye. What might surprise you even more is that it's not just women who are getting treated. 20 percent of Capital Laser and Skin Care's client base are male, so you know that Donald Trump is probably helping keep Botox in business (just a speculation, however, so this cannot be confirmed).

"The most popular treatments are fillers, Botox, and a laser called the Clear + Brilliant," explains Elizabeth Tanzi, M.D. of Capital Laser and Skin Care. "All three can be done at the same time with little recovery, and pundits and politicos are camera ready within one or two days—or sooner."

Dr. Tanzi's male clients are often looking to add a little more volume to their faces so they look younger and less tired, because we all know that the more attractive candidate often has better luck on televised presidential debates, just take JFK for example. Or Fitz from Scandal.

Win McNamee/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It's not just Dr. Tanzi's steady hand and ability to erase wrinkles that makes her a hit with male politicians—it's her tight lip (no pun intended). Dr. Tanzi's office has special VIP entrances so big shot politicians can sneak in undetected. So it turns out that male politicians are just as high maintenance as the Kardashians. Who knew?