'Arrow' Season 4 Spoilers That Will Help Fans Get Through The Long Wait For New Episodes — Sort Of

There was once a time in my life when I'd dread summer's end. But, now, older, grumpier, and less heat resistant, I welcome fall's cooler, more agreeable climate. But, mostly, I yearn for the season's TV premiere line up. I'm going to be honest, here. I miss Arrow. I miss it hard. But, thanks to Tumblr-ing showrunner, Marc Guggenheim, us Arrow fans now have even more to look forward to in Season 4. Guggenheim shared Arrow Season 4 spoilers that every fan needs to hear, like, right now. Sure, we've been on the receiving end of a bunch of spoilers as of late, but the showrunner has made them just a little bit clearer... and better — making the wait for Season 4, and the burning August heat, that much more bearable.

If you weren't sated by the spoilers thus far, look no further than Guggenheim's tongue-in-cheek Tumblr Q&A with overly curious fans (like us). Listen, I don't know too many higher ups who take the time out to not only answer questions but politely deal with rude sourpusses. I think it's an indicator as to why Arrow is so beloved by fans — because it's beloved and cared about by the the powers that be, and the writers as well.

Arrow love fest out of the way, first on our list of spoiler-y news is in way of Olicity. Mhm, I know. You thought I'd never bring it up. Well, it appears that fans were a bit, uh, unsatisfied, by the insight that was given to TV Line about Oliver and Felicity's relationship. One fan cited the quote about the difference in their relationship that Guggenheim gave the site, which read, "Like, when Oliver and Felicity are together at her workstation, now he’s got his hand on her shoulder. It’s a difference of degrees. Basically, we’re treating them like two coworkers who started dating." So, they took the initiative to pen a small essay to pry further and more specifically.

Sure, his answer was short and sweet, but that's not what matters here. What matters is that he just told that fan that they were basically going to get what they were asking for on their extensive list. Trying my hardest not to fangirl here, but the prospect of "sexy fun stuff" is almost too much.

That wasn't the only insight concerning Oliver and Felicity, though. Guggenheim's vague response and lack of an answer to these question had my wheels turning.

This isn't much to work on, but it's something. You know, I have been missing the Queen Mansion something fierce. And, if the second question falls into "spoiler territory," does that mean both of those things are happening this season?! Excuse me while I faint, and don't wake until Oct. 7.

In addition to all of the Oliver and Felicity hints, there are also encouraging little tidbits in way of all things Laurel as well. When asked about any Oliver-Laurel interaction, he gave a very decided answer.

Oh, yeah. And, there's this.

NBD. It's casual. Laurel, and Constantine, and Oliver, oh my!

With all of these exciting Arrow semi-spoilers in our grasp, the world is our oyster. Let us go forth and enjoy the rest of our summer (in the air conditioning, obvs), mulling over how much lighter we feel now that we are in the know.

Images: The CW (1); marcguggenheim/Tumblr (5)