9 Tasty Peppermint Recipes for a Cooler Christmas

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In the kitchen, peppermint is fair play all year long — but it certainly enjoys a sweeping renaissance each December when the first candy canes reveal themselves to the world. But let’s leave the canes hanging on the Christmas tree for now — as far as treats are concerned, we can do much better than that. We have wrangled the best peppermint recipes from all the faraway corners of the Internet. Consider it our Christmas gift to you. Homemade peppermint patties are sure to please the masses. As are white chocolate cupcakes with peppermint buttercream. Thirsty? Candy cane vodka is a thing. You’re welcome. Keep reading for nine tasty peppermint recipes for a cooler Yule, and if you're still hungry afterwards, these holiday cookies recipes should do the trick.

Image: How Sweet It Is

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