Who Plays Tracy In 'Mistress America'? The Up-And-Coming Actress Has A 'Girls' Star For A Sister

The new film Mistress America is being referred to as a "Noah Baumbich-Greta Gerwig project," because both of these industry professionals wore multiple hats in the production of the film. They wrote the screenplay together, and Baumbich also directed while Gerwig also played one of the two main roles. Gerwig's character Brooke is the new stepsister of shy teenager Tracy, and the movie is about how Tracy becomes infatuated with Brooke's charisma and taste for adventure. So if Gerwig plays Brooke, who plays Tracy in Mistress America ? At first glance, you'd be forgiven for thinking, "Oh, it's Jessa from Girls." But do a double-take: the actress in this movie is actually Lola Kirke, the younger sister of Girls actress Jemima Kirke.

The 24-year-old looks remarkably like her older sister, with the same light-colored eyes and full lips, British-American speech, and air of maturity despite a youthful glow. But Lola is also very distinct from Jemima. For example, Lola always wanted to be an actor, whereas her sister once told Vanity Fair that she just fell into it after friend Lena Dunham asked her to be in the pilot for Girls. Here are some other things you should know about the talented Lola that demonstrate how her journey in the industry thus far has been uniquely her own.

Her First Big Role Was Gone Girl


Kirke told V Magazine that her role in Mistress America "broke her in" as an actor because of the intense shooting schedule and numerous takes, but she was actually in several other films previously. Her first time acting in a feature film was for David Fincher's Gone Girl, the sensational adaptation of the bestselling novel. She's also been on multiple TV shows, including a recurring role on Mozart in the Jungle.

So Far, She's Been Able To Maintain Her Anonymity

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Kirke told Refinery29, "I’ve been recognized one time in my entire life by an old man in Schenectady, New York who was upgrading my train ticket at, like, midnight." Kirke was dressed in costume at the time and was surprised to be recognized. Her sister Jemima, on the other hand, is frequently photographed around New York. I can personally attest to the fact that Jemima handles this lack of privacy very well, as she was incredibly polite the one time I physically bumped into her at a party and then proceeded to gape at her for a full 20 seconds. If Lola's fame keeps rising at the rate it has been, she too may soon have to learn how to tolerate fangirls.

She Went To Bard


Kirke was raised in New York City, but she went to the small liberal arts school Bard for college. She explained, "It was kind of this experience of being in the big city and then going into the middle of f*cking nowhere." The actress said she pulled upon this experience in her development of the character of Tracy, who also transitions living environments for the first time for her freshman year of college in the film. Kirke explained, "I think Tracy was like, I’m in the city but I still feel like I’m in the middle of nowhere. So I definitely felt like a fish out of water myself, but it was in a different capacity."

Back in New York as an up-and-coming actor, Kirke seems to very much be a fish in water. Her talent is readily apparent, as are her intelligence and drive. I'm excited to see her in Mistress America, and equally excited to see what she does next!

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