9 Words Book Nerds Need To Know

by Amy Sachs

When you're talking about someone who really, really loves books, you pretty much reach for the words "bookworm" or "bibliophile" every time, right? They're great words! Growing up, I know I got called a "voracious reader" a time or twelve, but, mostly, it was "bookworm." "Oh, she's the reader of the family. Our little bookworm!"

Sound familiar to anyone else?

But readers like more than just reading. We like words. All the words big and small! We'll take them, and save them for later. We like the look and, of course, the smell of books. We love our designated reading areas, which granted, could be anywhere, but some are more preferable than others. (Ahem — my bed, if you're asking.) Book-lovers don't just read books; we devour books. We probably have a book with us at all times, weighing our bags down, but in the best way possible!

Good news, readers formerly known as bookworms: there are words for all these things! You might be a bibliophagist rather than a bibliophile. A sesquipedalian rather than just something who likes words! Here are 9 words about books and reading that all true book nerds need in their lives.


(n.) Someone who reads in bed

It's the best place to read, so of course there's a word for that!


(n.) The worship of words

No pictures? No problem. Move over, Gaston, we're all about words here.


(n.) A devourer of books

You don't just read books, you devour them.


(n.) A lover of words

Reading them, writing them, you're not picky. You love them.


(n.) The smell or aroma of a good book

We've all inhaled the scent of a book, so we might as well admit it. And have a word for it!


(adj.) Given to or characterized by the use of long words

Long words, you know, like sesquipedalian. Or supercalifragilisticexpialidocious? Probably.


(n.) Someone who carries a book with her at all times

Definition: (n.)

We have Sir Walter Raleigh to thank for this wonderful word, and, yes, I see that book peeking out of your bag.


(adj.) Reading, or having read, everything

Only one word is needed here: GOALS.


(n.) One of six half-read books lying in your bed

If you feel like someone devised this word after seeing your room, you're not alone. However, Douglas Adams and John Lloyd coined this one a long time ago!

Image: Pexels; Giphy (9)