Is Your Beauty Routine Making Your Acne Worse?

Dealing with breakouts that seem to never go away? Your beauty routine may be the culprit. Whether it's improperly washing your face or using the wrong makeup products, there are several ways that your beauty routine could be making your acne worse. This doesn't mean that you need to throw in the towel all together. You just need to wise up about what you put on your face.

Bacteria can be super sneaky. There are several ways that it can get into your pores. Avoid any excess oils in your beauty and skin care routine in order to keep bacteria at bay. Look for products that are oil-free or non-comedogenic (aka won't clog your pores). Breakouts are bad enough; don't let your beauty routine add to them. By properly washing your applicators and keeping your products clean, your face will see a world of difference. It's all about doing what's best for your skin. Having a prepped base will not only make your makeup look better, but will also keep your skin looking healthy for years to come. Wondering which specific steps you need to add and do away with? Here are a few parts of your beauty routine that could be giving you some serious acne troubles.

1. Skipping Sunscreen

Are you avoiding slathering on sunscreen in the morning? Don't! The inflammation from a sunburn can cause your acne breakouts to become worse, and can darken any hyperpigmentation over time. Choose a lightweight facial sunscreen in order to keep your skin looking it's best.

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2. Using Greasy Hair Products

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Noticing any breakouts near your hairline? These zits may be forming due to your hair products. Hair products can contain many chemicals and oils that don't agree with the delicate skin on your face. Ingredients such as alcohol, petroleum, sodium laurel sulfate, and silicone can cause you to break out. Trade out your hair products for those contains more natural, oil-free ingredients.

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3. Only Applying Acne Medication On Pimples

Don't just apply acne medication to existing pimples. All those potions and lotions are meant to heal the pimples you already have, but also prevent the formation of new zits. Apply the medication all over your face for best results unless otherwise stated by your doctor.

4. Drying Your Face With A Towel

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Skip the hand towel and use T-shirts after cleansing to dry your face after instead. Towels can be very abrasive and can cause minuscule tears, which allows bacteria to enter your skin. This usually happens when your rubbing or scrubbing at your skin. Instead, opt for a softer fabric such as a t-shirt, so you can avoid that unnecessary bacteria getting into your pores.

5. Using Dirty Makeup Brushes

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Makeup brushes don't just soak up your makeup. They soak up bacteria and dead skin cells as well. With this combination lingering in your brushes, these dirty tools can lead to some serious skin issues such as inflammation and nasty breakouts. Make sure to keep your brushes clean by washing them every two weeks with a gentle cleanser. Baby shampoo is my favorite!

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6. Using Makeup Sponges

Have you been using the same makeup sponge for the past month? It's time to toss it . Makeup sponges can hold loads of bacteria and old makeup, which can cause breakouts.

7. Using Harmful Makeup Ingredients

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Like with food, it's always important to check the ingredients list before purchasing a beauty product. Ingredients like lanolin, petroleum, and mineral oil are awful for the skin. They can clog pores, and cause a lot of irritation.

8. Using Products In Jars

Products in jars are often exposed to light and air, since you open them all the way up to use. This means that these products can deteriorate faster, and can cause breakouts. This coupled with sticking your fingers into the product can lead to a disastrous skin situation. Try buying products that come with a handy pump in order to minimize its exposure of bacteria in the air.

It may sound like a little bit of extra work, but it's completely worth it. By following a few of these simples tricks, you'll be on your way to cleaner skin in no time!