5 Tweezing Mistakes You're Making Accidentally

by Stephanie Chon

When it comes to your brows, are you on Team Tweezer? Chances are then, you're not a total newbie when it comes to shaping your brows. No matter how experienced you are, however, you probably don't even realize the tweezing mistakes you're accidentally making. Tweezing is a difficult art to perfect. Why do you think so many people pay other people to do it for them?

If you're worried, don't fret, girl! You're probably already avoiding common brow shaping mistakes, like creating too much of an arch or making your brows look perfectly matching to the point where they look unnatural (remember: brows are sisters, not twins). I'm not here to tell you that your brows are anything less than amazing! But after learning all about the common tweezing mistakes you might be making, you'll be able to up your brow game to be on "on fleek" level. Now there's something to raise your eyebrows to!

Here are 5 mistakes you should avoid to make tweezing an easier and less painful experience:

1. Tweezing before you shower

If you like to take warm or hot showers, know that it's better to wait, because the heat naturally loosens your hair follicles. This means two things: 1. Tweezing shouldn't hurt as much if you tweeze post-shower, and 2. You naturally lose some eyebrow hairs in the shower, so tweezing before could end up ruining your tweezed masterpiece (tweezterpiece, if you will).

2. Using old tweezers

Tweezerman Mini Slant Tweezer, $9, Amazon

If the two points of your tweezers aren't meeting perfectly, then your tweezers probably aren't even grabbing onto your hairs. Oh, and if you're in the market for a new pair of tweezers, be sure to look for slanted tweezers. Tweezerman is a great place to start!

3. Over-tweezing your eyebrow gap

No one wants a unibrow. However, so many people fail to see that a huge gap between your brows (or no brows at all) isn't that great either. The furthest your eyebrows should begin are where your inner tear ducts align vertically.

4. Tweezing too often

Sometimes we approach tweezing like we approach summer armpit shaving—we tend to overdo it. According to Browhaus brow specialist, Michelle Wu, you should only be tweezing once every three weeks. Allowing that time span gives all your hairs enough time to grow back out, so when you go in to groom them, they'll look even for a longer period of time. This way, you won't feel like you need to touch them up every other day. Plus, having slightly longer hairs here and there creates a much more natural look.

5. Tweezing against the grain

If you see micro blackhead-looking holes where you just tweezed from, that means you didn't remove the hairs entirely. A quick easy fix is to tweeze in the direction of your hair growth. This will help you remove the hairs more wholly and successfully.

Images: tobiartandphoto/Flickr; anatasiabeverlyhills/Instagram