Alison Brie's 'Community' Season 5 Celebratory Dance Video Is Adorable

Jennifer Lawrence may be the Internet's current bestie, but don't forget about the honorable mention Alison Brie. In addition to adorably freestyle rapping on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon earlier this year and adorably covering "These Girls" by Childish Gambino (a.k.a., her co-star, Donald Glover) — not to mention pulling TV double duty on Mad Men playing the undeniably badass Trudy CampbellAlison Brie posted the following adorable Vine of her dancing like a crazy person to celebrate the end of filming season five of Community, once again proving that she is the equivalent of a cat GIF on the Internet and a real life meme.

And yes, that is her Community co-star Danny Pudi riding a bike in circles around her as she dances, singing "Everybody Dance Now" by C & C Music Factory. How can something that is only six seconds long be so addictive?

I won't lie: I kept this on loop for a while, for many minutes more than it's socially acceptable to watch a Vine on loop. I don't even have any shame about it — what can I say, Alison Brie's got the moves.

Now: Go and show this to all your friends, and use it as an excuse to make everyone watch Community. #Sixseasonsandamovie isn't going to happen without a little help!

Community is set to return for its fifth season on NBC next year, Jan. 2, 2014.