Little Mix Was Attacked By A Bug & Here Is Their Guide To Staying Calm Under Pressure — VIDEO

Trust the ladies of Little Mix to display utter eloquence, even in the strangest of situations. (Even when they're nerds in the "Black Magic" music video.) The band members proved how calm they can be under pressure when a rogue bug started attacking Little Mix during a recent performance.

To be clear, this bug looks massive. Seriously, it's like it was photoshopped into the video. The insect first makes its appearance as Little Mix is singing "How Ya Doin'?" and sounding flawless, as always. Their reactions? Priceless! Leigh-Anne Pinnock goes into fight-or-flight response mode, bolting off-stage. (I'd be right there with her.) Jesy Nelson cautiously makes her way back to her place, only to run away when the bug resurfaces. Perrie Edwards ducks down and keeps singing, but poor Jade Thirlwall stands still as the bug appears to burrow into her hair. Collective shudder.

Not only did they carry on with their performance, but when Edwards says she tried to whack it out of Thirlwall's hair with her shoe, Thirlwall adorably replies, "You're [the] Jack to my Rose." Needless to say, the women are totally professionals who are prepared to carry on with the show, no matter what weird things happen onstage. That said, here's your Little Mix guide to keeping calm under pressure.

1. It's Okay To Run

Pinnock totally had the right idea.

2. It's Also Okay To Be Scared

Being caught off-guard is never fun.

3. Just Keep Going

Persevere, even if a massive bug is working its way into your hair.

4. Shake It Off

Thirlwall literally shook out her hair, but the Taylor Swift reference works here as well.

5. Have a Sense Of Humor

Little Mix know it's okay to laugh at themselves.

6. Talk It Out

It's always good to verbally work through the situation.

7. Make A Titanic Reference

I'll never let go.

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