The 9 Most Raven Hairstyles Of Raven-Symone, Because She's Pretty Much Tried Them All — PHOTOS

Raven-Symoné was rocking funky 'dos even before her childhood rap career and she's gotten bolder and brighter as the years go on. Taking a look back into Raven's best hairstyles is definitely a task that will leave you wondering why your tresses are so boring. Personally, I love anyone who can throw fashion caution to the wind and own a different look whenever they please and I envy anyone who has the hairbility to choose their styles wisely without breaking their hair off or damaging their scalp. Yes, Raven has all that going on and even the biggest haters can't deny that Ms. Symoné keeps her hair styles on fleek.

Raven has no problem changing the texture of her hair to make it more versatile, and why should she? If you're changing up your outfits every day, is it really that crazy to change up your hairstyles with it? Not if you've got the time and the money to put down. With that in mind, let's take a walk down memory lane and look at Raven's best hairstyles and be in total envy of a gal making and indulging in hair trends on the regular. We see you, Raven, and you have my full attention.

1. Purple Hair, Don't Care

Raven's pastel colored hair is definitely the flavor of summer. I'm glad to see pastels on darker skin tones because this trend is hot right now and Raven shows pastel hair is for everyone.

2. Colorful Up 'Do

Keeping things classy with this up 'do looks pretty complex, but a little holding gel and patience can make your up 'do totally Raven.

3. Mo-Hawk

No faux-hawks for Raven, that's for sure. This funky 'do is a bold choice for some, but hey, if your bosses don't encourage mo-hawks then why not at least attempt some fun faux-hawks?

4. Dreaded Out

The thing about dreads is the commitment behind them, once you dread you can never go back without cutting them out of your hair. This is not a problem for Raven, she is rockin' these dreads hard.

5. Classic Faux Tresses

Remember that thing about permanency? Yes, well, fortunately Raven can wear the crap out of this weave whenever she's bored of her dreads and/or under-shave. Can't hate on weaves when they save so many of us from bad hair days.

6. Blond Bob

At some point in life, we all had an amazing bob or coveted someone else's. The bob is a timeless hairstyle and kudos to Raven for taking it to the next level with a funky blond color.

7. All the Braids

Literally every person at Burning Man's dream is to have braids this fly, Raven is killin' this look ... and by the sultry expression? She knows it.

8. All out 'Fro

Yes, child! Of course this is my favorite of Raven's 'dos, but not only because afros make me happy, but because her hair is healthy, rich, and screaming personality — just like Raven.

9. Simple Look

This is one of my personal favorite hairstyles when my hair is not doing anything it should be doing, so I'm glad to see that Raven's got simple looks down, too, and still looks totally adorable.