7 Billy Joel Songs That'd Be Awesome Lullabies

by Caitlyn Callegari

You guys, get excited, because a potential musical prodigy has been born unto the world. As per People, On August 12, Billy Joel's second child/his first child with wife Alexis Roderick was born. And, rather than creating the usual air of mystery that typically surrounds a celebrity birth for the first few weeks or months, Joel was quite open to the magazine about the details: According to his interview with People, the baby is a girl (who I suspect entered the world with a melodic cry and perhaps a piano in hand). In fact, not only did they announce the birth the day of, they also released her name, which is positively beautiful. Internet, meet Della Rose Joel, your newest hit maker. (Probably.)

I think we can all agree that baby girl Della Rose has hit the jackpot in terms of parents. The ace card she was dealt will probably lend to things like a beautiful singing voice and musical aptitude, like big sister, Alexa Ray — and also A+ nap times, on account of the fact that she has the Piano Man as her father. Like, all she has to do is let out a little cry, and she's got front row seats to the literal best show in town. And, for free. Since it isn't so cool to be jealous of a newborn infant, I'll channel that envy into a more selfless purpose.

Here are seven songs Joel could sing to his new baby (or us), that'd be awesome lullabies:

1. "Vienna"

*Holds lighter and sways* *Sobs silently*

2. "She's Always A Woman"

I mean, obvs.

3. "Piano Man"

It's certainly a long enough tune to get an upset baby to quiet.

4. "Just The Way You Are"

An especially good message — with an exceptionally beautiful melody — to pass along to a baby.

5. "Honesty"

I'm going to count on the fact that she probably won't be able to understand the lyrics for awhile yet.

6. "For The Longest Time"

It's upbeat, sure — but freakin' great and still oddly calming. And, perhaps, my favorite song of his.

7. "The River Of Dreams"

This is how you get a baby to chill out. Or, an adult.

Della Rose, you're a lucky little gal. Congrats to the happy family!