How To Determine Skin Undertone Without Having To Decide If Your Veins Look Green Or Blue — VIDEO

Let's be real. It can sometimes be super difficult to shop for makeup. And more specifically, it's always challenging to find the perfect shade of foundation to match your skin. If you're still struggling, chances are you probably haven't discovered your skin's true undertone. You've been staring at your veins for months, trying to decide if they're blue or green, and you still can't figure it out. Well, the seemingly-complicated feat has just been made simple by the makeup genius that is Jordan Liberty. In this makeup tutorial, he brings us back to the basics, making the process of finding your undertone a tad bit easier. #Bless.

Whether your undertone is gold, red, or neutral, it's important to know so that all of your makeup matches your skin. Honestly, I don't think any of us are trying to walk around with a face that's a different color than the rest of our body. Liberty explains that determining your undertone sometimes happens through a trial and error method. Basically, he encourages us to apply swatches of different shades on our face, and then whichever shade blends the best is the ideal match. Seeing the other shades next to one another against your skin will help to eliminate the shades that may be similar, but not perfect. Basically, he's brilliant. And so is this tutorial!

Here's a look at Jordan Liberty's undertone tips.

See? It's a piece of cake.