Will 'Complications' Return For Season 2? It Still Needs To Address These 6 Storylines

There's nothing revolutionary about having doctors on a TV drama; it's a tried and true formula. But, USA's skill is at taking familiar concepts and giving them a slight tweak. So, USA's Complications isn't the typical doctor drama — it's crossing that with the also tried and true superhero genre. But, will Complications return for Season 2, to further explore this genre crossover and tell more of Dr. John Ellison's story? USA hasn't confirmed one way or the other if Complications will be renewed or cancelled yet, but they should choose to bring it back next year. [UPDATE: Complications has been cancelled by USA.]

Like many serialized shows, Complications had some slow going at the beginning, and will really need a second season in order to fully explore its premise. The show most similar to Complications is probably Netflix's Daredevil — there's even a similar nurse character who helps to stitch up the hero — and that show needed a really great villain to keep it going, which Complications just doesn't have yet. It's spent a lot of time establishing the conflict in John Ellison's life, but hasn't really threatened any of those things (like his marriage) yet. Daredevil developed over time, and so will Complications — if it gets the chance at more than just ten episodes. Fortunately, there are already plenty of potential Season 2 storylines and questions that can only be answered by a renewal.

1. Gretchen Gets More To Do

I understand that Gretchen is a supporting character, but unlike Samantha, she's right in the middle of the action and she knows all of John's secrets. The show needs to make her less of a Night Nurse and more of a Robin.

2. John Goes Looking For More Trouble

If there's one big complaint to be had about Season 1 of Complications, it's that Dr. Ellison seems too passive to be a real hero. He was thrown into the situation where he had to save Antoine, but, for Season 2, he needs to make a big attempt to intervene and do something good. It can go horribly wrong, but Season 2 should be a direct result of John's actions.

3. They Need To Add A Big Bad

Be it one of the gangsters, a different organized criminal, or a overzealous detective — writing the season around one singular villain might make it more focused. It doesn't have to completely eliminate the procedural side of the show, just provide a stronger framing device, like the aforementioned Daredevil did with Kingpin.

4. What Happens When EZ Gets Out Of Prison?

So far it seems unclear whether EZ Tyler's character is someone John should continue to be in support of just because his son's life is in danger. The Season 1 finale is going to majorly complicate things for John, Samantha, and Antoine, but if EZ reenters the picture somehow (it's a TV show, his sentence could be ended for any reason at all), John could continue to feel responsible for Antoine but no longer have a right to.

5. Will Bridgette Become A Whistleblower?

So far, Bridgette has been hovering around the periphery of the story, mostly existing so John can literally never relax, even when he's otherwise alone in the ER. But, what if she does find out more about his secret exploits? Season 2 needs to explore this.

6. John Should Take A Second To Consider His Family

I know the ninth episode had Samantha and John reconciling now that all of his secrets are revealed, but I feel like it will be time for John to learn what every vigilante has to learn: That keeping personal relationships is nearly impossible if you want to devote yourself to helping people outside of the law. Doctors already have crazy enough hours — I feel like the threat of losing Sam would make John realize how and why he wants to remain involved with this extracurricular law enforcement, and maybe after spending some time away from her and his son, he'll realize that he's really been doing all of this to run away from the pain of losing his daughter.

Complications Season 1 didn't always get the chance to make its character and plots, well, complicated, because it was caught up in establishing the complicated world. But, a second season could further explore what it means to take the life-saving power of a doctor and put it in the hands of a wannabe-vigilante, which is exactly why USA should give it the chance to return.

Image: Quantrell Colbert/USA Network (7)